I think everything is done now

So any ways, this forum was a fairly easy setup but a bit of a learning curve.

It runs on a $5 a month Ubuntu droplet on DigitalOcean which gives 1GB ram and 25GB of disk space.
Got the domain from domain.com where you put in a few DNS records that point to the droplets ip address.
Then you need to set up the mail server so you can sign up and receive the automated transactional emails.
MailGun has this cheap as chips.

Once this is done you run the setup on the droplet, took about 10 minutes.

Then you go to the site on your browser and it says congrats and sets up the admin account.

Then that’s it, you start inviting friends and foe to join.

Then you change the settings to suit, there is a setting for allowing titles to have all capitals, another setting setting the min character length, how many posts can be made on the first day. Poor Bevoss hit the default limit of ten posts. It’s now at ninety I think.

At some point you decide on a default theme, this one is on minima. You can change to dark or what not. Checkout ‘Vincent’ uuuugh :slight_smile:

So none of it required coding, just configuration and then change settings to suit.

And then you wait…

And then…

And then…

You look at the user list,

I couldn’t believe my eyes


:dragon: :snake: :pineapple: :eyes: :sweat_drops: :dash: :gorilla: :chipmunk: :helicopter: :traffic_light: :duck:


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This thread needs a theme song.

Perfect…the lounge is truly back! :sunglasses:

Garrick, drop a link somewhere, and I’ll gladly pitch in on the bill.

Same here.

Roger that guys
The costs are minimal.
The domain, server with back ups, mail server.
come to around $8.50 per month.

If I needed a better server package it would $5 more but I don’t think that’s needed just yet.

My PayPal is garricknorthover@hotmail.com
any contributions, no matter how small, are welcome :duck:


Hey mate, yes usd

Sent you next months bill :slight_smile:

Aw mate awesome

How many have we invited guys? Hope you are having a nice weekend. Many thanks for your work Garrick.

Garrick, appreciate your initiative and efforts.

Francios, I invited a few people through PM. But Garrick posted a link to here in the Lounge thread at the Reaper forum, and Bevosss posted a link in the Corona thread at the Reaper forum. I would think most loungers should see that. Maybe replying to posts at the Reaper forum would get other people’s attention who might not see the link in those threads.

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Hey Syd, dont leave! I am glad to hear your voice again.

Welcome Syd my good man

You will have to release the Mohawk Though or I’m telling the mods

Welcome back Syd :))

I email Visco, Jerome and pmed Karbo.
Don’t have xite’s contact details but it be awesome if he was here.

Hopefully this flushes Xite out.


Did anyone pm BenK-msx or Bladerunner?

No, but go for it.
Great idea

Hey Garrick, is there any preference to show on the main page who made the last post on a thread?