I want to try something

Can someone try this link?

I want to see if you’re required to sign up or not

I went there, it says ‘Sign in to start talking’

How do you quote a post Garrick? I can’t find it

Also an IRC for the Lounge is an awesome idea

Whoops, I replied too quickly, the auto-bot flagged me

ahh right so you have to sign in

Testing quotes.


edit: failure

edit2: test edit

edit3: on edit1 and edit2 the edit counter read “2”, let’s see what happens.

edit4: maybe there’s an amount of time that needs to pass.

Testing quote using just the Quote button after highlighting text, no click on any reply button previously.

edit: failure

Reply button in post, then highlight + quote button.

Is it literally just the post above?


Full quote of post above, previous was partial.

edit: failure


Full quote of post directly above does not work. Partial quote works. Maybe most of you knew this, but I had fun so it was all worth it in the end.

Lol well done, the case is solved. I’m guessing you work in software development. :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning:

I just swiped your full post, hit quote, and am posting now. Am I missing the problem?

@fred_g : no, but I like to dabble. :slight_smile:

@brainio : it’s purely about quoting the last post, the one directly above the one you are about to make. Discourse must feel that a quote isn’t necessary if you are quoting the full thing for the next post so only partial quotes aren’t auto-edited out.

@Snookoda You mean if you are quoting a post that already contains a quote (call it , original quote), the original quote gets lost?

As a workaround for any shortcomings, the good old quote tags work here.

[QUOTE=Some_name]Some text to be quoted[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=Some_other_name]Some other text to be quoted[/QUOTE]

Which renders as:

I think it’s the whole thing.

Testing quoting the above.

edit: quotes in the previous post don’t matter, nothing is quoted if the full post is quoted.

I’m confused because I’m quoting your whole post here.

Now it just happened to me, where this is the first time I’m seeing it happen. Strange. Try again in the next comment to see what happens…