Is it a conspiracy or incompetence.

Interesting article in the local news today.

A couple of years ago, the Honolulu Fire Department paid 1.3 million for 5 acres of land on the North Shore to build a new state of the art fire station.

Only now have they come to realize that the site is in a tsunami evacuation zone.

No can build dere braddah!!

You would think the fire department would have a pretty good idea where the tsunami evacuation zones are. But I guess not.

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Public official incompetence is rife everywhere
Accountability is low

Then they use that incompetence and inefficiency to justify privatising public utilities,
instead of just hiring an uber-competent CEO from the private sector to shape them up,
which would seem the logical step

Has the local media worked out which individuals messed up?


The local media here appear to all be graduates of the Pravda School of Journalism.

They don’t question anything they’re told and publish verbatim what they’re given.

It sounds like they bought a lemon from somebody at a nice price.

The price was about right for the North Shore.

5 acres in Honolulu will set you back around 8 to 10 million, depending on where it is.

Oh that’s not so bad then… is land in a tsunami evacuation zone limited to agriculture, leisure or whatever with no permanent structures?

Not really, there’s houses in evacuation zones. Just means that when the alarm sounds, you have to evacuate.

Can’t really evacuate a fire station, plus you don’t want one getting wiped out if a tsunami hits.