Is UK politics dead?

It certainly smells funny. Rather unpleasant like a month old corpse.
I believe the collapse of the UK political system is imminent.

The tories have gone through a lot of leaders in the past few years, it’s almost as if it’s a new diversionary tactic while a bunch of unsavoury legislation gets pushed through.

There really is nobody to vote for. Starmer?
Seriously. Who is there?

In the U.S. we have Biden for president, and just before that we had Trump. So what are you complaining about? :rofl:

The Labour party have nodded along since Corbyn was ousted with dirty central office tactics. I don’t think there’s anything much separating them at this stage.

The SNP are gunning for another referendum, which is being denied. The Labour party either need a landslide or a coalition with the SNP, which would mean a hard requirement for approving a referendum.

I read today where Truss resigned.

Can I get some back story insight from those of you who live there about what’s going on?

The drama was based around her “mini budget” where they were borrowing lots and lots more money at the same time as cutting taxes. Apparently that’s bad, but borrowing far more for government coronavirus stuff was fine, and enormously backfiring sanctions that lead to massive borrowing are fine too. The drama has overshadowed the anti-fracking bill getting voted down by all (I think) tories.

The containment structures around fracking mines/wells fail 100% of the time, which is an environmental disaster in waiting.

The drama is on top of MPs being unhappy with her selection and complaining about the process. They want the power to choose leaders, unsurprisingly. We can just shorten that to “they want the power”.

So Boris back as PM and Trump back as President in '24.

See, nothing really changes. :grinning: