It's nice to be on a forum not filled with clickbait titles, etc.

I don’t know what is with popular music related forums these days. Either real people are starving for attention, or money interests are driving activity in those places. Whatever it is, there are tons of clickbait titles, ‘likes’, constant trinket reward notifications, and a very heavy focus on buying new things. Not to mention, very narrow parameters for allowed discussion. It all feels like covert advertising to me.

Words takes too long these days, they want hours of Spielberg level video tutorials that one can bathe in and feel educated but not really come out any different.

I see some YouTube channel doing a reaper vid and folk use the comments for questions, most probably unaware of the reaper forum’s existance and resistant to have to ‘search’ or ‘,read’ and then remember and follow the instructions … binging on ‘DAW with me’ videos is much less effort and your brain gets more dopamine.