Jimmy Webb

A genius songwriter.

I love love love Wichita Lineman.
Glen Campbell’s voice is perfect.
But the strings in the intro, I have no idea how to get that sound. But I love that sound.
Almost like it has a shimmer reverb on it. Im not sure they had the term ‘shimmer reverb’ in1968,
How do they get that sound

Please help me obi wan!

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Genius interviewer too, Rick Beato always gets the best out of people.

Yeah Rick Beato is going strength to strength. Fuck me, given his arc, he’s interviewing Jimmy Webb here, he’s interviewed Billy Corgan, Sting and many more. I can almost see him interviewing Ringo. Not Macca bc he’s a tossa

Wow Good interview
And im only halfway.
Rick Beato’s strength is he knows when you to shut up and let the interviewee do the talking

Love louis armstrong’s antidote. Very cool

Yep, same here

I bought Jimmy Webb’s autobiography years ago, rhed it and gave it to my keyboard player mate cos there’s an excellent keyboard tutorial section at the back of it. A funny moment was when JW describes how he was struggling to pay the rent when a Pan Am commercial came on the tv with his song Up Up and Away as the theme. Apparently he was crashed out on the lounge and the ad woke him. Of couse, it meant royalties incoming.

OT but a kinda similar experience, in the 90’s I taught music at Bond Uni on the Gold Coast and made friends with a guitar playing drama teacher there named Dominic.

One afternoon I was home alone asleep on the couch after a bunch of beers and I hear Dominic shouting some warning or other, only to find out the voice was his alright but it was coming from the tv, one of those Melbourne made cop show dramas in which Dominic played a detective nicknamed “Wheels” [driver of detective pursuit car]

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It was recorded in Capitol Studios which had/has 8 echo chambers they put speakers and mics in.

To get longer reverb they’d send the signal through them in series, so every speaker and mic would have changed the sound along the way. They might have taken a feed from half way or whatever to add to the mix as well?

It sounds like something interesting to recreate. I see that UAD-1 have got their Capitol Chambers plugin which may or may not do something swishy inside that’s not chaining room reverb algos together with EQ and light saturation in between.


8 reverbs in a sequence aye? That’s crazy, so crazy it might just work

It sounds like that’s the one, but with hi-/low-pass and shaping EQ at every stage to recreate the effect of the speakers in the chambers dropping frequencies and speakers and mics doing their other things. Some saturation at every stage for the effects of big runs of cables and valve mics, and maybe driving it all a bit hard too.

Probably put 10 in series for an option of out-Capitoling Capitol!