Just some things that have been on mind.

In 1975, I was on an aircraft carrier off the coast of South Viet Nam during the Saigon evacuation. We weren’t there to provide air cover, we ferried in a bunch of big transport helicopters from the Phillipines. Really effective use of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, wouldn’t you say?

Fast forward almost half a century and now we have Afghanistan. Over 2400 of our troops killed, tens of thousands wounded and maimed, and over a TRILLION dollars spent to kill one man.

The only thing that’s changed in all that time is the number of decimal points in the dollars.

Someone please tell me why I should think things will be any different with Covid?

And yet these very same people have us at each others throats the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

They’ve taken the technology that was supposed to bring us closer together by breaking the monopoly that government and big business had on information, and turned it into a means of tweaking our fears, and unleashing our inner demons in the ugliest ways possible.

And while they’ve got us all wound up about masks and vaccines, no one is talking about how all this started in the first place.

How is it, that we’re nearly two years into this first popping up in China, and there is still no serious investigation into what happened? More importantly, why is it that the global community as a whole, isn’t putting any pressure on China to open up about any of this?

Spill some oil on some ducks and you’ve got politicians scrambling to microphones demanding those responsible be held accountable, launching investigations, and introducing all kinds of laws and regulations to demonstrate how much they care about us and how hard they’re working to protect us.

But kill what, 3 to 4 million people so far, wreck economies, and unleash untold suffering on hundreds of millions of people for years to come, and all you get is calling people racists if they even bring up China.

Afghanistan is a consequence of all that Middle East bullshit we have to put up with because they’ve got the oil. Could it be that Covid is a consequence of the kind of bullshit we’re going to have to put up with from China because they make everything?

And if that’s the case, what’s next?

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China are happy playing the role of the bogeyman du jour, at least for the moment. It’s not as if they made all of our countries outsource our jobs and industry over to them, so they’ve had lots of help along the way to get where they are. From what I gather modern China itself is more a project of Western think tanks than first appears.

Look at them trailblazing digital currencies, ID schemes and social credit systems. Not exactly going in a different direction from the G7/WEF there.

All things considered, it seems that China is playing their part in a plan that needed somebody to have fingers pointed at them. They do things differently, which is handy for globalists who I think have realised that traditional regime change isn’t subtle enough.

I don’t believe a word uttered by political minions, whatever spin they spout isn’t the real deal and analysts analyzing the spin tend to be talking about presented narratives and not the important underlying stuff.

I don’t know what’s next, more of the same games I suppose. More playground posturing while money flows to the top. But I’m not going to blame China for playing a game that we started, even if we believe the lab leak story.

How goes it Toleolu?

There never was any intention of pulling out of Afghanistan. That is very obvious. Julian Assange said in 2011 that Afghanistan is a scheme of the transnational security elite to milk money from taxpayers.

On covid, I’m climbing onboard with plandemic myself. Probably something along the same line as above but as a worldwide partnership and also being used to re-establish control and further establish even tighter control over the masses.

Don’t forget that Bush started this war, and Trump struck the deal with the Taliban to withdraw before he left – and then left Biden holding the bag.

That’s a trillions of dollars wasted by Republican Presidents.

Never mind all the US soldiers killed.

Trump might have been crazy enough to pull out of Afghanistan, hate him or like him. It would have been a good thing for Afghanistan and taxpayers of the western allies. I like that he left that bag with Biden. It served to show again what a shitbag Biden is to stay in.

Barry never got out of Afghanistan either in his 8 year reign, or Iraq

Biden wrote what became the Patriot Act that enabled the War of Terror,
so he’s a star player himself in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

Ex-PM of Israel Ehud Barak went on CNN one hour after the first plane struck,
and fingered “Bin Laden in Afghanistan” as the perp

Then those ‘Dancing Israelis’ got caught filming the event
with fake passports, thousands in cash in their socks, and explosives in their van
They had set up beforehand to video it, and were dancing and cheering as it burned
When the FBI finally released them weeks later,
they went on Israeli TV and claimed they were there to document the attack.
But how did they know there was going to be an attack?
An astute observer would conclude there was Mossad involvement in 9/11

There was another leader involved heavily in setting up the narrative and framing Bin Laden
But I’ll leave that for another post

Starting Sept. 13th, you will have to show a vaccine card, or a negative Covid test to enter restaurants, gyms, certain other establishments, and all state and local government offices here on Oahu.

In other words, you need to make sure your “papers are in order”.

This is because of a spike in cases that includes “probable” infections. A “probable” infection is not a test, it’s a number local health officials comes up with, but they don’t tell you how they come up with it, and they don’t separate “probable” infections from positive tests, it’s all one number.

My drivers license expired last February. The DMV was closed for over a year, and now are only taking appointments. Wait times with appointments are up to 2 hours.

In order to nenew my drivers license, I have to provide all kinds of paperwork, birth certifcate, SS Card, proof of address, etc. in order to get that gold star on my license so I can get into Federal facilities, get on a plane, etc. In other words, make sure my “papers are in order”.

I’m 66. I lived the first half of my life with the Cold War.

I did Duck and Cover drills in school. I lived in a walled compound in Taiwan with a bomb shelter in the middle of the compound and shards of glass embedded in cement along the top of the wall.

I remember the worried look on my fathers face while he sat at the kitchen table with this huge walkie talkie, chain smoking and drinking coffee all night during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I served in Viet Nam, and watched all the blood and treasure the government spent there and how that tore this country apart.

I watched poor people suffer while the government spent untold billions building a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying life as we know it on this planet many times over. (Seems to me they could have stopped at once.)

Add in all the dirty shit the government did, both here and abroad, because they were “protecting” me from evil countries that among other things, required their citizens to have their “papers in order”.

Makes me wonder if we won after all.

And yet here we are, tearing ourselves apart because of what government says.

Keep it up and by the time you finally realize that the guy wearing a MAGA hat or a Yes We Can t- shirt wasn’t what you really needed to to be afraid of, it’ll be too late.

Yeah, the vaccine cards are a step towards Digital IDs with this and other information integrated in them. They are needed for the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) that everybody should ignore and revert to insisting on using actual cash or walking.

It’s just the bankers driving change in the world for their own purposes as it always has been. The wars being used by them this time are a war on a virus and a war on CO2. People are expecting CO2 to form a part of the Digital ID and subsequent (attempted) control.

I just remember that family, friends, good food, exercise etc are mostly independent of the consumer society that seems so essential to us but which is really just a habit. You don’t need permission for kayaking, diving, fishing, your famous beach cookouts or lifting your own or a friend’s weights!!! There will be places coming up with imaginative ways to accommodate customers who don’t feel like being obedient quislings too.

Take it easy man!

Everything that Snooks said,
it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore

They just passed a vaccine passports bill here in Oz
2 MPs stood against it
According to social media, these 2 are kooks who peddle misinformation and should be banned

It really is like 30’s Germany how easily people accept these bullshit ID laws

That stuff is nuts man.

I don’t know if you saw that in the U.S. the FDA director and deputy director of Office of Vaccines Research and Review announced that they are leaving because of loss of control over the approval process to the CDC and Biden admin, just a week after approval of the Comirnaty branded vaccine by Pfizer.

In the UK, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) ruled out vaccinations for kids because the risk/reward wasn’t there. A couple of resignations and a couple of weeks later they did a U-turn.

Might as well just save money and employ a row of chihuahuas for a couple of biscuits a day.

I was reading about what’s going on with the start of the NFL season and Covid and it got me thinking about Covid and athletes in general.

FYI, for those of you outside the US, the NFL is an organization made up of a bunch of people making billions of dollars playing a kids game while bitching about what a terrible place America is.


I started thinking about the hundreds of thousands of athletes at the college and professional level who have been subjected to rigorous testing over the last year and a half, and yet you hear of so few cases of hospitalizations and even fewer deaths.

This is where you run to your favorite website so you can link to stories where in fact athletes were hospitalized and died. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. But if at the end of the day, that number is statistically insignificant as to be non existent, what do you think that means?

Maybe it has something to do with being healthy?

I know of another example, firefighters. A friend of mine is a Honolulu firefighter, big, strong, healthy guy.

After the lock downs last year, I’m talking late spring 2020, I played golf with him and asked him about Covid and the firefighters. He laughed and said, “Oh hell, we’ve all been sick.” Bunch of strong healthy guys who live together 2 or 3 days at a time, all got sick, and yet no significant stats on hospitalizations or deaths.

Contrast that with this statistic published on the CDC website, pretty sure it’s still there if you look for it, that 79% of US Covid hospitalizations were people who were “overweight or obese”.

So that got me thinking about another national health care crisis currently sweeping this country, being overweight.

Medical “science” is pretty much in agreement with all the personal health issues and healthcare costs associated with being over weight. And yes, they all pretty much agree that being overweight will kill you.

CDC stats from 2018 had about 42% of US citizens over the age of 20 classified as “Overweight and Obese.” I don’t know what the exact numbers are for percentage of US Covid cases, but I suspect it’s significantly lower than that.

Now granted, being overweight doesn’t mean they pose a risk to others. Unless they happen to run over someone while they’re cruising around Wal Mart in their scooter. But in the same sense that the young and healthy are surviving Covid OK, I’m sure they could survive being struck by a massive load of human flesh as well.

So while the media and popular culture here in the US is beating people up daily about Covid and it’s associated problems, they’re promoting being overweight as an acceptable lifestyle. Hell, I saw a commercial a while back with an overweight woman, dancing in her underwear, eating ice cream.

Just some shit I’ve been thinking about and still wondering why so many people put so much faith in those yahoos.

Yes, obesity does seem to be a major factor in this. I hear of the occasional anecdotal perfectly healthy person getting severe covid symptoms, but who knows what these persons’ circumstances are. And I never actually met such a person or saw one, or saw a case of one, working in a hospital throughout the whole covid period. Every patient case I have seen of someone with severe symptoms has been someone with pre-existing major health issues.

One of the arguments used in the propaganda campaign against unvaccinated people is that they can “take up” valuable ICU space that could be used for people who ‘give a shit’. The same could be a lot more accurately said about obese people, but they’d never dream of it.

I always ask on the ABC posts about covid deaths,
what the percentage of obese and/or smokers is
They never give that data out, but I’m guessing it’s high
That doesn’t count as co-morbidities though by itself

Anyhoot I crunched some numbers on the whole Australian pandemic,
going off the govt data on cases and deaths by age
pretty safe until it hits 60s,
after that it’s incremental Russian Roulette,
unless you’re a fit healthy bastard

Chance of death from covid here by age (Oz males - positive test)

0-9 - - zero chance [ 0 out of 3052 ]

10-29 - 1 in 3737 [ 3 out of 11, 212 ]

30-49 - 1 in 1417 [ 7 out of 9923 ]

50-59 - 1 in 255 [ 13 out of 3351 ]

60-69 - 1 in 55 [ 38 out of 2099 ]

70-79 - 1 in 10.4 [ 121 out of 1254 ]

80-89 - 1 in 3.2 [ 209 out of 661 ]

90+ - - 1 in 2.1 [128 out of 268 ]

One of the things that, at least to me anyway, seems to have been a constant throughout this entire ordeal is how the vast majority of deaths, worldwide, have been among the elderly. More specifically, “elderly with pre-existing conditions.” It’s about 97% here in Hawaii. I think we’re around 600 deaths now. That’s in a population of about 1.2 million people.

I remember one of the first areas where things got bad was the Lombardy region in Italy and the vast majority of deaths there were the elderly.

One of the first big outbreaks here in the US that I remember was at a Seattle nursing home. Then you had the tens of thousands of elderly who died in New York nursing homes and who knows how many more in nursing homes across the nation.

Here in Hawaii, our largest outbreak was at a Veterans home on the Big Island where something like 30 or so of the 90 patients died.

I wonder if anyone is doing any data mining on nursing home deaths comparing government run and private run facilities?

Wouldn’t it suck if government run healthcare ended up being one of those “pre-existing conditions.”

Speaking now as someone who has personal experience with death of the elderly with “pre-existing conditions”.

Don’t overlook the fact that as was the case with my mother, their deaths were actually a blessing to themselves as well as their loved ones.

That may seem harsh, but unless you’ve actually lived with it, you have no idea how bad it can get for everyone involved. We’re not talking about old people walking around with the sniffles.

Baby Boomers here in the US are starting to hit their 80’s, talk about overwhelming the health care system. Damn!!!

I wonder what government will come up with then in order to “Protect and take care of us during this public health crisis”?

Sinister, but it would be an accounting miracle if a sizeable proportion of the elderly were vanished considering the upcoming bulge in that age group.

Yeah, at some point in a lot of our lives we end up aspirating food every day and acquiring every urinary tract and respiratory infection going. Testing (or not even doing that) for one segment of one virus and declaring a covid death is just ridiculous in those circumstances. Even if it was something to do with an actual covid infection, it’s just luck of the draw that it was that virus that finally ripped them over the edge.

If the war in Afghanistan was about oil, where is their oil!?!? Would’ve made more sense for Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld to invade Saudi Arabia, home of the 9-11 hijackers.

But no. It was not about oil.