Justin, Schwa, Kenny interviews


I’ve watched some of the Schwa video
Pretty interesting
(first time John has been seen in the wild?)

Schwa aka John Schwartz


Cheers, there’s the legendary Tale too! He’s a good guy who knows his coding and DSP onions, as well as possessing a deep understanding of the mating rituals of rattus norvegicus.

Watching a bit of the Justin and Schwa interviews. Started to watch some of the Kenny interview but then I thought, nah. They should have served up some better questions for Justin. Schwa’s was more interesting.

I saw him in the Schwa interview but don’t know much about him
I haven’t seen him talk yet, I’ve only watched part of Schwa’s so far
Can you elaborate more on him?

The other dude is Lefac (Leandro Facchinetti )who did that JSFX live coding video
Which I might as well post in this thread too


I’ve been relearning Reaper after a long break,
so whenever I need to brush up on some topic,
I have Nicholas’s user manual open and Ctrl-F my way through that
And/or I check Kenny’s videos for his take on it
Quite often that’s enough

I have to say, I’m pretty grateful for the time they’ve both put in
Legends really
Liberal tears aside

It was great to see the face behind the talking sock.
Really good work done on Reaper lately. Item auto stretch time base has made life way easier when dealing with tempo maps

He’s the man behind Martinic, has a talent for finding obscure bugs and inconsistencies in complex things, is an all round good egg and helped me on the WDL forums when I was (more of) a clueless padowan.

I’m sure Kenny’s videos have helped tons of people learn Reaper. I never really needed them since I was using Reaper by version 2, kicking around on the forum for a long time, saw much of Reaper’s features being developed along the way. Really good that he made the video series, but he’s still Kenny. :wink:

Sounds very handy indeed, I’ll probably upgrade to V6 at some stage on the basis of that alone, anything else will be a bonus.

I was thinking the other day we could do a zoom meeting. I could show you how I do tempo maps etc

When I think about the cockos forum today all that comes to mind is that these guys joined the movement against free speech by killing part of the long going Reaper community, as if merely flipping a switch.

Anti-semite! /s

I’m over it now
Better we’re here, where they can’t flip the switch or ban us
Justin ain’t the same dude, and the others were always very liberal
especially Kenny and Nicholas
I just separate the 2 things, the DAW builders and their world beliefs
Well, unless they make me look at it in REAPER

I was around from 2006 when it was 1.x and ugly(ier)
and lived on that forum and IRC for years, way before Kenny
No way I think I’ve got nothing more to learn, or relearn
I always find some gem I didn’t know or forgot, if I watch his whole video on something
Even when I think I already know the subject

eg ReaLimit and the the JS Loudness Meter
I didn’t know shit about them cause I haven’t been hanging there at all
Most of it is intuitive, but still
this vid from Kenny was pretty useful I found

I didn’t know ‘polyphase synthesis’ was a thing in Reaper

The man is prolific if nothing else…

X-RAYM of scripting and reacomics fame

Well over it here. The cold facts of Bangate though are that not only did they permanently deprive access to IP on their servers without any legal agreement in place, but that they thought more about a joke told somewhere else than somebody from a country that twice wiped out around 40% of another country’s population engaging in behaviour that is apparently unacceptable when it comes to other holocausts from anybody, let alone people from the genociding nations.

Fascinating stuff from a software company into social justice.

I suppose I should know what you’re talking about
but I don’t

Cromwell + famine + surrounding issues + Judders

But what was the joke?

I did forget about you being banned, oops
Bloody Judders
He weasled his way back into Reaper
maybe you should drop Ollie a line, get your old handle back

Oh yeah, I told the joke here, it was an ice breaker as part of defending Nicholas when somebody was calling him names, something like “It must have been difficult growing up gay in the outback back then, the expenditure on rohypnol and duct tape alone would have been a killer”. Context completely ignored and definitely funnier than genocide, unless of course your triumphalist genes make you guffaw and snort your way around the Maypole at tales of slaughter or oppression of indigenous peoples not spoken of in fashionably hushed tones at dinner parties.

I already asked Kenny@Cockos a couple of times at the beginning of this place. Apart from the thievery angle I am just honoured to have been a part of cancel culture! Me n Chappelle fighting the good fight! :smiley: