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In the land of the free and the home of the brave, businesses are boarding up in fear of rioting from the election results.

Holy shit people, what have we done?

Could some of my brothers and sisters out there from Australia tell me again about how you guys have parties after you vote. It would be nice to hear about some people, somewhere, doing things right.

Not really, but you do sometimes get a sausage on the way out of the polling station, usually at your local primary school.

For the next election we could get pissed first and then vote.

How’s that for progressive🤪

These days I always postal vote. Voting is compulsory in Australia, once back in the 80’s I failed to vote and was sent an official request to explain why or potentially cop a $20 fine.

My excuse was that on voting day I’d rescued several people from a burning building, revived a drowned swimmer at Bondi beach, and assisted a woman in labour who didn’t make it to the hospital give birth in the back of her car. By the time I got to the polling booths they were shut.

No fine, go figure.

My bad. Guess I was thinking about something else, or maybe just wishful thinking.

It’s different here, I didn’t know for a week who won the last election.

What’s seems really odd to me is that US demographic which has the Democrat base as the more educated, white collar types, supposedly sophisticated and civil tech professionals etc.

As such I would have thought that more of those would vote for Trump’s relatively peaceful record, which is fact, rather than the fictions and endless projections of fake news. You’ve apparently got an awful lot of passive aggressive types over there man.