Logic Pro 11


Upgraded this morning and finally had a try out just now.
Especially the session players. The improved drummer, and the new bass player.

I feel dirty and my soul tarnished . It does what it says on the package. It does a stirling job of following your tune. It just feels wrong. Apple have made a legit DAW into a risk aversive nanny robot.

I’m actually thinking of jumping back to Reaper.
My rational mind (and I’m like, super rational ), says it’s just a tool. It has the basics, and it it has a shit load of extras that does everything for you. My rational mind says just use what you need.
It now has a chord track and ye AI session keyboard drums and bass can go off that.
Look, it could have utility, Let’s you quickly structure the whole tune out. Just doesn’t feel right. feels fucking wrong.

I’d definitely try it out if it was PC
It’s had some Live style session clip view for a while now

I dont want to go Mac tho so opted for Bitwig

My mate uses Logic and likes it, he used Reaper at one time

Those session drummers and bass sound like a great fit for guitar practice as well

Reminds me I need to learn BIAB properly for the same use case

Its cool everything is built in to Logic

It’s part of the future of music, resistance is futile! We have Udio spitting out fully formed bangers and Logic starting to do some controllable parts based on a chord track.

The next step has to be a blend of those two… prompted parts/tracks with the ability to prompt or tweak to change bits of them. Then everybody’s a producer with infinite players and control.

I can see some new styles and genres coming out of actual humans actively avoiding sounding like any previous ‘training data’ too. Maybe an underground live scene with no phones/devices allowed where everybody gets searched and blasted by an EMP on the way in so no recordings leave the room. :ghost:

Yea, the AI stuff is really starting to kind of take things over. Climbing that hill toward old fucker playing at home, I’m starting to disgustingly like the idea of generating tracks to play with.

Did Apple fix tempo mapping in Logic 11?

I see that they integrated stems separation. Reaper should have done that before Logic.

Tempo mapping is really good actually. I thought it was stupid until I realised you can lock areas you know are correct

I should have been more specific. Say you tempo map a couple of bars, with the first bar measuring 120 bpm and the next bar measuring 130 bpm. Is the first bar going to play at a constant 120 bpm with the second bar playing at a constant 130 bpm, or is the first bar going to gradually increase to 130 bpm?

Oh right, do you mean do they do ramps?
Yeah it does ramps.
I use tempo maps to follow a life performance, which can result in big jumps in tempo like 120 to 130 so this would sound wrong if it were for adding loops. I never thought of you as a loops kinda guy Bdub.

Logics tempos mapping has really improved. I have one tune which ( I have now divorced because it will never be ) that has a ritardando. It doesn’t know what to do with it but you can easily change to manual tempo mapping. So really this fucker can handle all use cases I can think of.
Anyone here can reach out to me I’ll show you how it’s done. I can whatsapp or what ever

Thanks. Good to know that tempo mapping works well.

I never saw myself as a loops sort of person either, and I still don’t. But getting so little time to play anymore, it would be nice to just be able to bang out a tune here and there for personal amusement without needing to spend time playing all the parts, other than guitar and vox. At the moment I’m playing more drums than anything, but leaves almost no time for playing guitar or working on tunes.