Loser's js master limiter

I’m doing some singing/playing muckaruck through Reaper right now and reaeq + js master limiter + a little reverb is just the ticket for the vocal channel. I want to find a hardware unit to use with my hardware mixer to give the same sort of dynamics control. Is js master limiter a compressor and hard limiter?

I’ve sometimes used the JS hard limiter
that comes with Reaper to soften a too hard kick drum, like when you want the higher velocities without the harsh attack that kicks the tripe out of the speakers.

I’m being dense here I guess. Looking at the gui, Loser’s master limiter is a preset compressor with a hard limiter. I have always just slapped it onto whatever track and adjusted the threshold, so maybe my brain tuned out that it has compressor controls.

Any way, it’s pretty dang good if you don’t push the limiter much. I wonder whatever happened to Loser anyway.

Funny thing here is that I think I have become used to the software ways of doing things over hardware. I have a nice little MixWiz that hasn’t seen alot of use since I got it. I am considering here picking up a dedicated laptop (probably an older Macbook) and an RME Digiface USB to use as a foundation for all things music and audio, at home, at practice space, live (when that opens back up). It seems like a very attractive setup, being ultra portable (over a mixer and rack units), much less cabling, ultra flexible with some plugins (even with only the plugins built into whichever daw), and having recallable configurations for everything, just plugging it into the speaker system.

If anyone wants to play red team on why I should avoid doing that, I’m all ears. I guess one downside would be possible update issues rendering things unusable. It would royally suck to become dependent on a software mixing setup, perform an update for some needed software feature, and end up with an unusable system.

This is the sort of thing that scares me away: What's the verdict on current Macbook Pros + USB RME interfaces? (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

Apple screwed the pooch on USB and made a bunch of user’s RME devices unusable with Macbooks.