Marilyn Monroe

So I always thought the cia tracking Marilyn Monroe was a bit extreme for a simple affair

Turns out through unredacted FBI documents that she was a donor to the CP
And her production company was full of communists

I guess McCarthyism had some reason to exist after all
A communist funder having an affair with the US President
Makes her death even more questionable


Comrade Marilyn

cia unredacted marilyn

The comments in that tweet also mentioned Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day as known comrades…

It’s basically all about tribes though innit.

The major players in the West other than Whites are the fundamental Zionists.

Who very often have the advantage of passing for White and so generally don’t operate at any supposed ‘disadvantage’ in White societies but are completely free to indulge in ethnocentric enterprises such as the ADL and many such other orgs. That’s why Biden’s cabinet is 90% Jewish, as are the major neocon players and big pharm ceo’s, msm owners, Hollywood etc etc

Whites aren’t ‘allowed’ to do that i.e indulge in fostering their own best interests bc “six million Jews died in WW2” [the 40 million ethnic Euro dead are merely a footnote according to extreme Zionist rhetoric]

@drumphil for instance, denies his own ethnicity so to infiltrate and coerce others for his own personal/tribal benefit.

And so it is with orgs such as the ADL which exists mainly to quash free speech. This is purportedly to avoid a repeat of WW2. Well who the fuck wouldn’t want to avoid a repeat of WW2?

40 million Euro people dead, millions of Asian people etc.

And now the nukes are far more sophisticated, the killing squads, assassins, data mining, false flags, psyops etc etc etc

The CIA/FBI/DOJ/DHS is obviously not under a White Christian conservative control.

Key is to persecute no one but defend your own afap

You can’t defend anyone else if you can’t even defend your own

Eh? I can list Cheeseman, Yule, Schaeffer and Imerson as the families I most directly descend from. Follow things back on the Schaeffer side and you can find some Jews back in Germany (OMG JEWSSSSSSSS!!!11!!11oneoneone!1!)

Follow things far enough back on the Cheesman side and you can find at one point in history a falconer to the king!

Anglo protestant most accurately describes my family tree.

Not that any of this has anything to do with the stuff about Marilyn Monroe. But then Morgon never did need a good excuse to get on his soap box and rant about Jews. Well, it’s actually more about baiting me that motivates him to do this.

Tell us how Biden’s Jewish cabinet isn’t persecuting those who strolled through the Capitol building on Jan 6 last year after those same bureacrats turned a blind eye to the pillaging, murdering, looting and burning by neocon Soros sponsored groups, and Soros sponsored DA’s enabling it.

You’re full of shit, you want social justice? Simple, lobby for the forking over of half the money from the one percenters to the lowest 20% income group.

But why bother when you can simply claim that the likes of mean ol’ Morgan said something without his master’s approval on an internet forum.

Craziness. It sure makes a lot more sense of her death than an overdose. The media won’t be blowing up over this though. Corrupt bastards. This would be big news in a world with free media.

bad guys and bad girls
Why is this a topic? cuz of Joan Baez and Billie Holliday?