*Mastering* the mayhem

I won’t bore yous with the setbacks I’ve had putting some of these recordings together, but if you’re still reading this, it’s been many an episodes of damage control to do with hardware crashes and authorisations and other stuff.

Nothing to do with Reaper, which has been excellent to work with.

Most if not all these here tracks have significant additions and/or mix tweaks from what versions were previously posted.

Not done yet, looking for some brutal feedback on the worst aspects of them, which may or may not be tweakable to various degrees.

Imo this playlist generally gets better as it goes on

Update, just a couple of tracks have been remixed slightly

That authorisation malarkey causes too many problems, no wonder some artists/techs crack all the software used for live shows.

Yep, I’ve now boiled the authorisation stuff down to S-Gear. I don’t mind that one as Mike Scuffham the S-Gear owner/creator is very supportive of customers in my experience. I’ve installed S-Gear for the 3rd time recently and Mike offered to personally help if there was any issue with the offline installation, there wasn’t but it was very good of him to offer just the same.

Anyhoo, I noticed a couple of tracks are bass heavy and one too loud, and some absent hi hats! - there’s no better way to critique tracks than to post them first lol

Those particular tracks still exist as projects so are easily fixed, I’ll post the lot again in the morning.

I’m glad no one is actually waiting on this. Meanwhile the fixes go on afa possible.

Created the new file but there’s clipping issues

What reference tracks are you using?

This is like the Lounge version of vaporware

I’m kinda trying to level them up at around -14 LUFS but haven’t been using reference tracks, which I probably ought to. I nearly posted the revised version 12 hrs ago then noticed some more issues on playback, a ‘pop’ in one track, missing drum flam where it never occurred to me before that there should be a drum flam there etc. lol

By a stroke of sheer good fortune, there’s no cheesed off investors involved

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Did I mention I’m finishing a bunch of tracks atm?

Any day now…

Sure you are. :smiley:

Did I mention that I’m writing an operating system?

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At least we meant well :grin:

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Tough achieving consistency across all tracks esp with so many being holdover projects etc. This is where I’m up to with it. There’s a few tracks might get jettisoned.

Link reposted in OP

cant get it

Can’t edit the OP so the update is here -

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I think there’s 24 hours and then its auto locked

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Thanks Bevo, I’ll post a new version soon that should be the final one for this particular file, cheers.