Media response to Woody Harrelson

The media machine went on the immediate attack, all outlets in tandem.

Any way, finally a celebrity who isn’t a disappointment.

Watching power players swan around without masks while the working classes are forced to scurry around them fully masked is kind of disgusting. There’s no experimentally or numerically proven science involved in any of it.

I don’t understand the psychology involved in ordinary people supporting it. Do they identify more with the elite than with each other? Aspire with obedience?

What was he saying two years ago?

So begins the the media Kabuki Theater to make light of, and divert attention away, from their involvement in the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American people.

Sorry, but I’m not impressed.

I don’t know. Got a link to something?

No, that’s why I was asking.

But I suspect if he had said things like this, which I’m not disagreeing with, two years ago, we’d have heard about it because he’d have been cancelled big time.

It’s safe to say things like this now, but two years ago, only people with real balls were saying things like this, and look what happened to them.

Now the media is going to circle their wagons and turn everything into a big joke, so they can move on without any consequences for what they did. Not even so much as an apology or an admission they were wrong.

And we’re gonna sit back, chuckle at Hollywood meatheads like Woody, and let them get away with it.

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It’s definitely safer now to say such things. If you ask me, it’s still good for celebs, etc., to say them. The more the merrier. It helps to show how full of shit government, big pharma, and the media machine is. It’s still a minority of the populations who know that they were completely full of shit.

No disagreement there Brain, but to me, that’s not enough.

You can’t use our 1st Amendment free speech right to yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, and you shouldn’t be able to use it to destroy the lives of millions of innocent people.

While people are chuckling about this stuff, the consequences of what was done are still being felt here where I live.

Businesses that have been in operation for 20 plus years are closing because of inflation and lack of staff due to all the people who moved away during the lock downs and quarantines.

People are still walking around in public and driving their cars wearing masks.

I’m still living with the pictures of the faces of children in the back seats of cars that I was loading boxes of food in.

I don’t think there’s anything funny about any of this. And to somehow start championing people who are now speaking up, while they remained silent while this fraud was in full swing, doesn’t strike me as courageous at all.

I’m angry, and I want people held accountable, but I know that will never happen because at least here in the US, too many people have become too self involved with their own selfish needs, wants, and desires to give a shit about anybody else.

Just a bunch of pussies glued to their devices in order to hide from what’s really going on around them.

Good comedy serves a useful purpose in bringing taboo topics to the forefront by making people laugh about them.

I agree, and I’m all for that.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much as far as it’s going to go. And to me, that’s not funny, it’s just sad.

I fear we haven’t learned a damn thing. And history will repeat itself when the next big “crisis” hits.

But on the bright side, I’m turning 68 next week, hopefully I’ll be long gone when that happens. :grinning:

I don’t disagree with that. It’s nuts.

I agree with Toleolu. Too little too late

I was thinking the same thing,
he would have been cancelled saying that a year or 2 ago

Dont mind him saying it now though, but the real brave people already spoke up and got hammered for it
Very few actors IIRC

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