Microsoft Store - 10 device limit??

I got another laptop since the other went on the blink and I got quoted over £1,000 from Lenovo to fix it. Don’t get me started on that, the fix is replacing one cheap chip that they f-ed up in the first place.

So the replacement laptop has Win 10 on it and I’m just running with that for a bit. But when I tried to install an app from the Store it wouldn’t let me, saying that there’s a 10 device limit? I had to unlink an old laptop.

Bit weird, they count an Xbox as a device and we have two of them, plus it counts accounts on laptops and PCs. Ho di hum.

I guess linux wouldn’t be so useful on those xbox’s. :smiley:

Somebody’s probably done it! Somebody wrote software on Linux to use Xbox controllers since Microsoft put some kind of incompatibility in them to prevent using them on non-Microsoft gear. The control freakery is unbearable.

Sounds standard fare these days

Yeah Big Tech! I’ve been on libre platforms too much by the looks of things, forgot the direction the canoe with no penguins in it was going! :slight_smile:

Oh big time. If Amazon started an OS, the device limit would be 10