My condolenses to my brothers and sisters in the UK on the passing of the queen.

Being the Yank that I am, I don’t know a great deal about Queen Elizabeth. But I will say that given all the history and changes that she lived through, I do admire and respect her.

It couldn’t have been easy living her life in a fishbowl like that. I’m sure she had some missteps along the way, but overall, I thought she handled herself with grace and dignity.

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The end of an era … she lived through a lot of transformations of the UK and the world.

I thought a couple of days ago when I read she cancelled another engagement, she might be on the way out

Such a loss for Germany

Charlie’s time to shine as king,
I guess that means Queen Camilla also :clown_face:

Poor Megan and Harry dont have any friends left there now

Ayyy, we get a day off here in Oz

“I have asked Premiers and Chief Ministers that Thursday 22 September 2022 be declared a National Public Holiday in honour of the life and service of our late Queen." - Albo

In NSW between Easter/Anzac day in April, and Labor day in October,

we only get one long weekend, the Queens Birthday, in early June

King Charles birthday is November 14
Going to suck if they change it to the real date
Although the Queen’s birthday was actually April
So who knows??

So good

BBC reporting on DPRK (North Korea) overlaid on queen funeral procession

Ha, yeah I saw that earlier. The media is a bit tedious at the moment with everybody acting like their own gran had died. That’s a nice tangent!