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More and more people pissed off with youtube

It’s a site from the same LBRY team, they have a new guy in charge of the image side of things who is changing things up a bit. The same videos are on both sites.

Even though it’s them, the cool thing about the LBRY blockchain is that anybody can start their own site using the same distributed information. It can’t be killed (very easily at least).

I just checked it out. There’s text that reads “Acquired by Google”

I’d be astounded… another site would pop up within hours/days if that was to happen.

I dialled it through Duckduckgo and that’s the banner text I saw immediately, fake news?

Oh yeah, I see that. From zdnet…

Google has acquired photo backup and sharing smartphone app Odysee, with the team behind the platform set to join Google+ to “continue to focus on building amazing products”.

Google+ is long (in tech years) dead now and this new brand was only launched a few days ago. I’d like to think they are clear to use the name, stranger things have happened though…

OK so libry is the platform based on blockchain. So google/odysee is using it

No, that news is from 2015. This Odysee has nothing to do with Google, although I’ve asked for clarification on the name thing.

It seems the phone app odysee is automation software, and this software is a completely different thing.