New Zealand to tax cow farts??

Any truth to this??

If you mean taxing a farmer’s environmental impact, yeah that sounds about right.
I’m not sure what they can do about the methane. Maybe the choice of what they feed the cattle with would affect the farts. Regenerative agriculture would sort the carbon and water runoff. The amount of water used to clean the milking sheds of crap each day is humongous

That would be getting us off real meat and onto fake meat or bugs

I’m not sure there is any impact from using excess water unless there’s a current drought in the area

Yeah there’s no problem with the supply of water. There’s plenty, but the runoff water screws with the environment and water quality downstream. If you have good soil and plant life through regenerative agriculture, that same water gets filtered of excess nitrogen and phosphorous

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It was such a brief article so there’s a lot of unanswered questions.

My big question on these taxes on agriculture and it’s impact on the environment is what are they going to spend those tax dollars on?

Is that money going to go to systems that remove those harmful environmental aspects, or is it just going to go into discretionary spending?

Then again it could be more of that low hanging fruit that politicians always seem to gravitate to in order to make it appear as though they’re doing something.

That could be partially sorted at the source with better design of milking sheds as well. I’m thinking something like ultra-hydrophobic materials on an upper level that allows it all to fall (or be slid/swept) through to a lower collection area.

Then capturing the methane from the manure and using the rest for compost for regeneration.

That kind of research should be government funded with engineering results made open source.

Maybe they could come up with something like Beano to mix with the feed.

I’m with you on that in general. If taxing some problem to help correct the problem, the tax money should go directly to addressing the problem. Otherwise it’s just another money grab.

That my friend would be a perfect world dream.

Those in power and the opposition working on intelligent well thought solutions instead of bickering on petty shit. he said she said.

Me no engineer or chemist, but mungo like open source… capture farts… get money … get immoral woman!