NHS website - no myocarditis?

Go here:

There’s a search box up the top, you can search for common and not so common conditions like:

  • cancer
  • stroke
  • cardiomyopathy
  • pericarditis
  • myocarditis

Notice that nothing comes up any more for myocarditis. Perhaps absence of information and advice is less legally actionable than incorrect information and advice?

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How strange
Can confirm there are no results for myocarditis

Perhaps drumshill can explain how this isn’t suss?

That kind of leads into what I was reading today.

Nothing new here, government has always been incompetent. The problem now is it’s just too big and has made it’s way into every aspect of our daily lives.

Nothing we can do about it other than embrace the suck and then pick up the pieces when it collapses under it’s own weight.

That’s going to make Covid look like a day at the beach.

But we only have ourselves to blame because we have been so caught up in our own needs, wants, and desires and were too willing to buy into the stories we were told about how all of this was designed to “protect” us.

Not much ‘we’ going on here. More of an us against them. It has been the biggest propaganda campaign in my lifetime.

Were you born after the Cold War?

Look at the parallels.

  1. Identify a threat.
  2. Blow that threat all out of proportion.
  3. Develop a single narrative on how best to address that threat.
  4. Use the threat to further your agenda regardless of collateral damage.

I’m sure everyone here is tired of hearing me say this, but what’s new in that. Open a history book. Manipulating the masses has always been the means to the ends of those who covet power and control.

We were all born after Sun Tzu, although times do drastically change according to one of his quotes:

There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.

Pervasiveness and research-backed sharpness of the tooling is what is very, very different these days from past times and events. Saying everything’s the same is like comparing WWI to the Battle of Hastings, where motives and shenanigans might have followed similar tracts, but with massively different scale and outcome.

I agree Snook, it’s all about economies of scale.

The stakes are much higher now and there’s a lot more to be lost or gained than ever before. But that doesn’t change what’s at the core of human behavior in all of this.

I’m not about all the gloom and doom and the end of life as we know it. I’m just saying it’s all more of the same.

The rise and fall of empires and civilizations has been a constant throughout history. And throughout that, while there has been winners and losers, and the slaughter of untold numbers of innocents, life goes on.

We are a young and evolving species. And as with any evolution, nature decides who survives and who falls by the wayside.

Maybe the lesson to be learned here is to make the best of what little time each of us have on this planet, and not let fear and hatred be the compass we use to navigate our journey.

I agree with all of that, it’s clearly human behaviour that drives it all. Small holding turnip farmers were concerned about protecting their turnips, elite plutocrats are concerned about protecting their power and global wealth. In one case you don’t mess around with the farmer and the farmer doesn’t mess around with you, in the second case it’s all about messing around with everybody to maintain the status quo.

I’m all for rewarding hard work, but there’s a cutoff point where accumulation of wealth and power gets to ridiculous, inevitable (looking at current human nature) destructive levels.