NO Covid, NO politics

If that is true, I have some things you might want to look over.

On the choosing of being religious, a woman I once knew who was the most affected religious person I have ever met (not in a bad way at all) gave me the most honest answer I have heard on the question of why she is religious which I am paraphrasing here: It’s simply a lifestyle choice, not according to the popular lifestyles of popular religions, such as contemporary Christians. It’s just a way of living in the world of people, being kind to one another. Of course, that could come with all sorts of baggage, but she was pretty exceptional in living in a good way and positively affecting people around her.

Yes, seems to be a good thing.

On the other hand, I had a classmate in music school, who was very talented and was an intellectual. This was 40 years ago, and I still think about her to this day

Lomg story short: She became obsessed with religion and saw the Devil here and there. Hallucinations, I thought, as did her classmates. She became a scared person.

She killed herself on the railway tracks. Psychosis, perhaps. The Devil had his way. And the fucker doesn’t even exist.

Interesting to me how lots of people who experience mental health issues turn to religion in the midst of crisis. And at the same time, most often trying to distance themselves from medical treatment.

It is.

Hate to bring up the covid thing, but isn’t it a want to stay pure? And being more clever than whoever propose the meds?

Clever suckers. Isn’t the whole thing a challange to your own cleverness? “We won’t get fooled again”

Fuck – the cat’s out of the bag. And I told myself to NEVER get sucked up in this.

The covid vaccine issue unpacks to a bunch of issues which have obviously been talked about on this forum quite a bit. For me it starts at the origin of sars-cov-2, because the leadership and institutions driving the covid vaccine campaigns are the same people to which the evidence points as being involved in the origin of sars-cov-2, and there is now also evidence that they avoided providing any information to the public which implicates them. Next is, what are the vaccines about? Is it about stopping the pandemic or something else? Lots of anti-science, censorship, and propaganda have been implemented by government, big pharma, traditional and online media, and social platforms in chorus since the beginning of the pandemic to drive a narrative about vaccines being the way out of the pandemic. But it was known and well expressed since the beginning that this isn’t the case, and the only countries which have ended the pandemic have done it by other means. There are lots of other issues, including safety of the vaccines, coverup of data which shows harm, profit over health, erosion of rights, and so forth. And overall it gets down to not trusting the same people who very likely caused the pandemic with making decisions about world health, much less mandating vaccines and making us all pay for it, possibly to the detriment of our health.

So no, it is not about pureness or cleverness. It is about not being beat over the head with lies for ulterior motives, not being made sick or possibly dying due to biotech experiments, not giving big pharma and government money for forcing vaccines upon us, not losing our rights as citizens of the world to think and communicate freely and be healthy both physically and mentally.

Look at how the Muslims were hauled over the coals during the War on Terror (WoT), scapegoated and spotlighted at every turn with the media then having the audacity to say “not all Muslims” every now and then.

It turns out there was no enormous group of terrorists out there. I say that because I personally had thought of multiple 2016 Nice sort of attacks and made them not happening regularly a condition of there not being any meaningful level of terrorism. It’s extremely easy to kill lots of people, no explosives required, no e-trails or phone records of “terrorist plots” for our heroic security services to foil using all their new powers. I’m sure there were millions thinking like me, but not a peep until 2016 and nothing since. Why were these celebrity Imams channelling the recently radicalised into the most complicated and easily detectable nonsense? Why did ISIS’s allegedly divine motivation in Syria dry up as CIA/Foreign Office funding did? Hmm.

There’s high resistance among Muslim communities to recent diktats. Perfectly understandable considering recent history of being used as punchbags for propaganda.

So if the WoT was really all about geopolitics with the solution involving war and implementing mass surveillance “knowing what the terrorists are plotting is the only thing that will save you and you need to give us more power for that!”, this one is about implementing global biometric ID and a new age of genetic pharmacology, “vaccines and vaccine passports are the only thing that will save you and you need to give us more power for that!”.

We’re just on a new chapter, that’s all.

Which sets the scene for CBDCs. I don’t know exactly what we’ll need saving from for that one, but it’ll be something or other. These guys love using simulations, they simulated 9/11 on the day, 7/7 on the day, coronavirus months before (Event 201) and now widescale cyber attacks (Cyber Polygon and the banking simulations) are being simulated. I wonder why.

The question I’d have is why you believe the narrative, it’s not exactly consistent is it?

That is how the faux left, politicians and the media propaganda arms have framed this,
rebranding Big Pharma as ‘the science’
you are going AGAINST SCIENCE if you don’t vaxx and boost forever
(and the certified medical experts that disagree with this narrative are silenced)

You can totally trust the scientists
even though many of the brightest work for the military or big pharma, or are funded by them

I’d be more concerned if I found myself in lockstep with big pharma, mainstream media and most governments,
knowing what we do now about their past deceptions.
Absolutely huge, proven deceptions.
Iraq just for ONE recent deception that killed 2 million, invading under false premises (WMDs).
The politicians and media acting as one pushed that false narrative relentlessly and daily,
like the current covid narrative

The Big Pharma business model is to keep you sick, or hooked on treatments they supply.
Healthy people don’t make them money.
That’s why you see little of early intervention treatments, smear them even, unless they supply them

Feel free to trust the Medical-Industrial Complex because you think they are smarter,
but ‘MORE CUNNING’ is the term I would use

A widespread ‘logic’ seems to run something like this -

“Your tv, frij, car, computer, hot water system all work good don’t they?”


“Well then, take the fucking jab you moron!”

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