NO Covid, NO politics

So, I’m a Lutheran by birth and culture. Most of us Scandinavians are… Christianity more or less killed off the Viking era a thousand years ago… too late to complain about it now.

Anyways, I’ve been eying some modern take on Catholicism. They accept science and stuff, so I assume they don’t say the Earth is 6 000 years old or so… that would be a turn-off.

So – what could possibly go wrong if I joined them?

There’s none of that stuff in the Catholic faith, it’s old and wise enough to know not to get involved with things that science will prove wrong at any minute. There’s still enough mystery in science to have one or multiple gods to be ultimately responsible for everything.

That’s interesting. I know very little about the Catholic faith, I admit. In Sweden, we have lots of “free churches”, churches that are basically Lutheran (to my understanding) and have a strong belief in Satan, Anti-Christ, and Armageddon, and all that nonsense… A big no-no for me.

You are past the altar boy age, so you’re safe there. :smiley:

And by the way, the very widespread no talk about covid has been eery. But yea, a non-covid thread or three sure wouldn’t hurt here.

There’s a whole other afterlife state called purgatory, a place in between heaven and hell. There’s original sin too, which everybody is born with and needs to endlessly repent for to shake off.

I’ve forgotten most of it though so am not the best person to ask.

Can’t argue that.

This I know: Purgatory and original sin were concepts from the early church fathers. Jesus said nothing about it.

Yeah, Catholics have more books in the bible and everything written in any version is second or third hand as far as what Jesus said is concerned. It’s all a bit strange imo, if something wasn’t referred to by Jesus (really alleged to have been said at some point in the future by somebody else) then it’s invalid? I don’t know what Lutherans think of the old testament, but again it’s not my field, even though I was an altar boy so I’m defo getting into heaven. :smiley: (and no, the priests were all good men around my way @brainwreck! :slight_smile: )

Ha-ha-ha, now there’s a silver lining!

According to Luther himself, all you need to study is St: Paul’s letters to the Romans. I’m suspicious of St: Paul, a big homophobic and former inquisitor, a manhunter.

My favourite text is Ecclesiastes. That guy is funny as hell. Revelations I can’t stand.

Beats the hell out of me.

What do you want most?

Which way in response to what?

Are you referring to my first post? Care to elaborate?

I don’t know. Exactly what is it about the difference between the two that gives you pause for thought?

Are the disagreements between the denominations your real concern?

What? Which two? What pause for thought? I seriously don’t get it.

I don’t know. I thought that this had something to do with lutheran and catholic philosophy.

Do you mean Lutherans vs. Catholics? Why I prefer the one before the other?

(Just read you reply. Well, I find the Lutherans pretty narrowminded and uneducated, to not say childish.)

But I symphatize with the Lutheran thought that you may recieve salvation outside of the church, reading and studying scripture on your own. The Catholics oppose to this.

Mind you, I’m not into this because I want to be saved and have eternal bliss. That’s an example of asking too much, imo. And I don’t really see the point of it all.

Ancestor of mine sided with the Catholics in the Battle of the Boyne, and lost, thereby forfeiting his land to the victors.

And so the family went on in poverty for some generations when some scattered to the four corners of the planet, and that’s kind of how I came to be here.

God works in mysterious ways :smile:

Intersting history lesson. I’m somewhat occupiead with the Scandivavians, and the Germans. (Let me fetch a whiskey and cola drink…)

Anyways, to totally dismiss religion is not what I want to do. Nor do I want to be a devout believer who scream and shout and move their arms and legs in some kind of religius frenzy, shouting out bliss and salvation and what not. As a good christian I reject such antics. Good christians always do that.

My religion is simply this: I find the world to be created, not some lucky chance out of chaos (whatever thet may be). Is He a big brother, keeping track of everything you do, say, or think? I think not.

For me, it’s an intellectual thing.