PinePhone Pro overview

Looks nice, it has faster CPU, memory and storage than the original PinePhone. Can run Android apps too, so good to fill the gaps once the rest of the ecosystem gets to a stable state.

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Some day…

It looks good that they are upgrading the hardware. Although I think many people would have gotten on with the original hardware, had the software been up to the task. And it seems like by time Pinephone is out of beta, it might be difficult finding a carrier who hasn’t blocked it from their network, at least in the U.S. Hopefully everything aligns though. Current phones are unbelievably invasive and most often locked down.

Can carriers do that over there? Here they can lock a handset to a carrier, but you can unlock it or buy an unlocked one. They can’t block AFAIK.

I’m optimistic about the whole Linux phone revolution. Once the average dev can get a Linux phone with all the usual bases already covered to go with their Linux PC sparks are going to fly! :smiley:

Last I remember reading it was going on with some linux based phones here, but maybe I need to check back in to see what is going on lately.