Plugin giveaway or trade

Seems I have two licenses at Plugin Boutique that I don’t need. Izotope’s Trash 2 and UJAM Carbon. I don’t know how it works with licenses – is it okay to give them away? No hassle with the companies or the vendor? And how do you practically go about it? The downloads are on my account. Anybody in the know? Maybe you can download the trails from Izotope and UJAM and then register with my serial numbers?

If so, you can have them, (maybe trade me some plugin in return, if you happen to have something I want, but that’s no dealbreaker).

With Izotope it looks like you need to contact them with the new license holder’s details:

With UJAM it’s mostly the same:

I won’t take you up on your offer for swapsies/givesies though, I have precisely the correct number and type of plugins. :slight_smile:

Lovely thought Jorgen,
someone might bite.
I’m trying to sell my plugins on KVR so I can buy the nitro mesh drum kit

Thanks for the info. Seems to be too much hassle. I have so many things installed thinking I may need it one day for that particular thing… not to mention all the loops and samples flooding the harddrive. Christ.

Seems to be a cool piece of gear. The most expensive plug I own is EZDrummer, and I never really liked the sound that much.