Price of gas

They are asking for 5800 euros a year for 120 Square meter house or 18000kWh. It’s insane here in Germany.

It’s getting ridiculous, and it’s all artificial inflation inflicted on the population. They say it’s a “cost of living crisis” when it’s really a “cost of trusting globalists crisis”.

It’s the price you have to pay to get rid of the Russian gas supply.

Oh vokkk! Vot if our beloved Klaus freezes to dess?!

Russia and Big Oil are making fortunes from these sanctions on the citizens of the rest of the world. Industry needs power and look at farming legislation being slid in without the consent of the citizens in your home country, the Netherlands.

I think Russia is going to benefit from a flight of capital and working age citizens from Europe and beyond. If you’re a Russian citizen, you can get a hectare of land in Siberia (it goes all the way to the southern border) for free if you have a viable plan for managing and living on it.

Like the old days in the USA, but without native people to steal it from.

Fwiw, I left the Netherlands decades ago to seek sunnier pastures (California).

“Russia” is not making fortunes from anything. Ordinary Russians are starving and now dying in Ukraine. Putin and his 100 cronies are making all the money.

Come on, you’re just making stuff up now. Have a look at videos of ordinary Russians going around their full supermarkets and talking about local governments being awash with cash. If the latter claim about Putin is true then again, why the sanctions?

Look out for enormous levels of energy/fuel/food poverty in Europe and the USA (to a lesser extent) this winter. Take that Putin! :roll_eyes:

Funny thing is though I’ve never heard such ‘stealing’ rhetoric from the Aboriginals I know, who are many. I’m not claiming though that the rhetoric is necessarily false.

Buut there’s been no complaints to me [as a member of a somewhat esteemed/productive/locally influential family] no complaints from Aboriginal Alphas even when I expressly asked for any grievances to be made so that I could potentially help address such properly, e.g any grievances against the Police. But there weren’t any, ever.

Thing is that Aboriginals made and make their appraisals of others based on what they bring to the local community. iow is an individual on balance good for the community or vice versa. I figure all rural communities today face a much bigger problem where soulless multi national corporations are buying up everything through proxies.

The farming community I know could righteously make a statement such as the following-

“I ‘stole’ your land but now you have an unlimited food choice and supply, air con and tv sports, disposable cash and more leisure time than ever you had in the past, free medical care and protection from any other enemy[tm]who probably wouldn’t give you the steam off their turds, sorry about that”

I remember when you and the rest of the Dems were criticizing Trump for calling out the NATO nations for buying all that oil and gas to begin with.

God forbid, maybe he was right!!!

Oh, the horror!!!

I thought this was interesting:

One thing I find interesting about the push for green energy, which I’m a fan of, is how green energy cannot provide all the power needed, at least here in the US. You see all kinds of numbers thrown around but I don’t see any numbers showing that renewables can replace 100% of fossil fuels. So what does that leave?

That article got me doing a little research into where things stand with fusion reactors. Most of the stuff I read was way over my head, but this article provided some simple, easy to understand, information on fusion.

I can’t help but think where we would be with nuclear fusion providing power if it wasn’t for the heavy handed response to fission. I’m not saying the moratorium on fission reactors wasn’t well intended, maybe just a little short sighted.

And the elephant in the room with the ‘climate change’/environmental agenda is that THEY [MSM and those who own/control it] ALMOST NEVER ATTACK THE PESTICIDE/HERBICIDE INDUSTRY.

The CEO of Monsanto is reported as only eating organic produce. There’s good reason not to doubt that.

In the 70’s a mysterious weed showed up in cultivated farmland in Australia, a type of mutated spinifex native grass with deep bulbous roots that could only be effectively removed in one way i.e the use of Monsanto Roundup which miraculously appeared at around the same time to save the crops from disaster, Yay!

The market needs to adjust to a phasing out of these extremely damaging pesticides. Roundup has been successfully litigated against and is now illegal in Australia but there’s plenty of other shit needs to go as well. The market needs to adjust to a ten to fifteen per cent yield drop but where increased non poisoned soil and increasing bird populations that prey on insect pests are favoured [permaculture]