Reaper 6.66 is coming soon
That’ll be interesting, what they name it and include,
and any related world events :clown_face:

I wonder how long before they work on REAPER 7.0?

If going by the 6.0 pre-release timeline below,
they would start working on 7.0 in about 6-7 months
and work on it for another 6 months
So REAPER 7.0 should be here in about a year
(assuming they follow the same procedure, but who knows with them)

Timeline of previous versions:

REAPER v5.60 - October 24, 2017 [close to current version 6.58]

REAPER v5.80 - April 25, 2018

REAPER v5.90 - May 24, 2018

REAPER v5.99 - November 29, 2019

REAPER v6.0 - December 3, 2019

I wonder if they’ll go for 6.66 since it would offend some religious people?


6.66 -
The Number of the Beat

and they release ReaDrumRacks with it :clown_face:

That’s the common noob complaint isn’t it,
no synths or drums to speak of included in Reaper

or just Racks even
I’d love to consolidate my mix buss chain into 2 or 3 racks of like plugs
Like have a console/tape/saturation rack
Or have some guitar combos ready to go
And drag effects onto the rack to effect only the rack, like take effects

FX chains are awesome, but you still have multiple plugins occupying space
It’s a bit of a juggle trying to toggle bypass on several on/off
Then you click on something else and have to select them all over again

Reaper 6.66 splashscreen “Wiping Hard Drive”…

“Just kidding”

The racks idea would be a nice feature. Currently there is input effects, track effects, item effects, and monitoring effects. And someone who wasn’t around to see those features added probably wouldn’t have a clue without explanation. I could see that all being consolidated under one gui to be easier to use and more flexible. All these current fx chain containers (or whatever you want to call them) is just differences in routing. Why not one fx container type with flexible routing where you could have multiple containers?

Getting closer…

Almost there, 6.64 out now…

Who gives a fuck about superstitious bullshit?

Not me.

People who don’t have a knotty stick in their ass? Seems like a for the fun of it thread to me.

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I’ll be writing to Justin telling him to miss the beast number. Bad luck and evil spirits will infest the Reaper if he doesn’t heed my warning. We may even have to exorcise Justin.

Reaper 6.65 has just been released…

It’s here!

But somewhat anticlimactic
I don’t think they even named it…

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I raised my concerns

Oh shit! now everything sounds like country music