Reaper 7 annoyances

No db readings on track meters. How would this possibly be a good idea?

Default track control panel requires enabling record before being able to select an input. Again. How is this possibly a good idea? If you have a hot mic with monitors on, this could be disastrous.

What theme is everyone using? I’m using v6 for now.

I use one of the Live themes…rLive? Id have to check, I’ve never liked their grey default themes

Not being able to drag tracks into folders anymore threw me
I wonder what happened there

I haven’t used the new containers yet
Prob need to watch one of Kennys videos :slight_smile:

I thought that surely after they got through the vector graphics hurdle, default layout/theme stuff would improve. But it seems to me that it has progressively gotten worse since v3.

4 and 5 were the best. I never used the v6 theme because of removed functionality.

Yes the UI is shite. I’m using the default. Very bad contrast in places. Especially the eyesight is not 100%
Ive paid for two licenses since I’ve started using Reaper. Now the nag screen is asking for no 3 I’m not paying for now. I’ll put up with the mag.

Why don’t you just stick with the old versions?

It’s the most reasonably priced DAW anyway.

Well it is. It’s the best bang for the buck for sure. I will eventually cough up.


I like the new envelope view in the latest update. Simple but polished

BTW this is Reaper Dev day 6666

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I swore that there was a way to save a default track template. I’m not seeing it. Am I crazy?

It’s hidden in Options/Preferences somewhere IIRC.

Isn’t it in the ‘File’ drop down menu in the top left corner?

I thought that it is tucked away somewhere too. But I’m not seeing anything in preferences, options, or the ini. Maybe I was previously using some action from SWS extensions, but I don’t think so.

Hey Bdub, save your template under file/Project templates
Then select that template under reap prefs/ project

Hey Gazz. I was trying to figure out how to set a default track template. Maybe I’m missing something in what you pointed out.

You can customize the track defaults at
Preferences - Project - Track/Send/Defaults

There’s some info on track templates in this thread also
Having a dummy folder track at the end of your mixer with your fav track templates ready to duplicate sounds a decent idea

I was really just looking for a way around the default theme’s track layout for new tracks, which is dumb not having important things like input and routing available from the getgo. A way around the default track layout is selecting a new track layout in an empty project, saving the project as a template, and setting that project as the default project template. It’s dumb to have to do that as a way of setting a default track layout, when there should be an option to simply set a default track template.

Seeing that video that you pointed out, I think that I will give the Reapertips theme a go. It looks much nicer than the default theme.

Ahh right
Terrible listening skills sorry :frowning:

Yeah there is a way

Umm not sure about layout though