ReaScript: Show or Hide Instrument

Needs SWS Extensions installed.

Simple script to toggle showing or hiding an instrument relating to the selected track. If the track is a MIDI track that sends MIDI to a track with an instrument then it shows the instrument on that track.

So works with the standard workflows of having single track instruments or using something like Kontakt with lots of MIDI tracks sending MIDI to one Kontakt track.

I have it assigned to Ctrl + Alt + I, which is interesting because IIRC the keybind needs to have an Alt or whatnot so that when the instrument is open and focused the keycommand is passed through to REAPER to close it. Otherwise the VSTi can eat it.

Oh, some MIDI plugins are VSTis, so to stop the script showing them there is a blacklist of partial names of those plugins you can add to in the script.

Show or Hide Instrument.lua (2.5 KB)

What if there are multiple instruments and effects, are they all shown / hidden simultaneously?

Good question, it operates on the first selected track and shows the first non-blacklisted VSTi it encounters. It ignores VST effects and JS plugins. It looks in the track itself and then searches the sends from that track to find instruments on the receiving tracks.

Good for single track MIDI/instrument or having single channel MIDI on multiple tracks going to different instruments.

Not good for having multi-channel MIDI on one track being sent to multiple VSTis simultaneously. Or single channel being sent to multiple VSTis. Only the VSTi from the first send with an VSTi on the destination track would be shown/hidden.