Richard Stengel on the importance of propaganda


These mofos don’t even try to hide it anymore.

I thought he was joking when he stood up to thank the panel after the last guy’s question/statement, but he really was actually dodging it. You do wonder how much of anything is just a narrative these days.

When hasn’t there been propaganda?

The only difference between now and the propaganda I grew up with during the Cold War was the propaganda back then was pro US and directed at “those bad guys in Russia.”

Now it’s anti US and those “bad guys” are our neighbors.

Same old bullshit. It just seems worse now because it’s in your face 7/24.

It’s still the same today.

Americans en masse began calling bullshit on all these unnecessary wars ‘police actions’ that were costing so many lives and huge amounts of money. So Americans became an enemy because they’re now more resistant to fighting for the mob’s interests.

Having said that, I understand the long term need for energy security i.e the Middle East situation. But making Russia an enemy is not in our best interest, it only benefits ZOG.

Definitely not propaganda.