RIP Olivia Newton-John

I had such a crush on her when I was 9.
At the end of Grease she betrayed me by dressing like a whore but I forgave her.

RIP Sandy!

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She comes across as such a nice person in that clip, cheeky sense of humour too. The Bee Gee seemed a bit sheepish for taking over her high part with his falsetto after she gave him into trouble! To be fair, that’s probably one the BGs have done a few times in practice so he might have just been on autopilot for it.

She had a beautiful voice as well. RIP indeed.

Yeah, RIP. Great voice, great artist. We were all dancing Greased Lightning on the table when we were kids.

Same here, though I was a bit older at the time.

I read where she battled cancer for nearly 30 years. So sad, but at least she’s not suffering anymore.