RIP Sean Connery

Aged 90, and still the best Bond evar+1!

Also, RIP James Randi, AKA the Amazing Randi. (aged 92)

One of the great champions of skeptical thinking in our time.

The guy who busted Peter Popoff and Uri Geller.

RIP to the pair of them. Good innings and they made the most of them.


I appreciate both of their talents, but I think that it’s James Randi who made the more important contribution to the way we think about things.

It does have to be said that Randi will be the most surprised ghost in the history of new ghosts if he finds himself haunting people this Halloween!

At least now he knows for sure!

He’d be destined for a ghostime of frustration trying to let people know the truth via the ineffective avenues of smashing crockery, making the air go a tad colder or talking in riddles via mediums.

Also maybe turning pages with a gentle breath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, although these days that’s more likely to be moisture on the Kindle - something I’m sure ghosts can rustle up too though. :slight_smile:

One of my favorite lines of his was from The Untouchables.

“You’re muckin with the G fella!!”

Probably more to do with his delivery than the actual words.

Great talent.

I heard he could be a bit of a prick sometimes, but that’s cool. Never struck me as being too full of himself.