Robert Roos and Pfizer

This was in the original Pfizer study data. I don’t know why the media is suddenly surprised by it. It should have been a big deal back then.

It’s confirmation that there was no testing behind the scenes that government mouthpieces had access to and were basing their otherwise baseless statements on. It’s all a load of bollocks anyway, more people died in the Pfizer arms of the trial than the placebo so it didn’t work.

@bob, how’s the general mood in Germany at the moment, people about to get the pitchforks out for the chancellor?

I’ve been two months in Namibia. Just back. The 10 hr flight back from Windhoek to Frankfurt. Noone was masked on the plane. I got on the train and everyone was masked except me and one other woman and her child. Noone said a thing except my wife who was terrified I’d get arrested. Go figure.
At least 70% of Germans I think still believe this bullshit including im afraid the missus. Sad but what can you do?

Namibia looks beautiful, hope you got the most out of your time there! It must be strange experiencing such a sudden difference in cultures coming back. Another ticket to Namibia might be a better cheaper than experiencing the winter gas bills back home too.

An amazing country. Very very hot. I was staying in Karibib. Mining town. Chinese were there. Gold mine was there. Lithium mine was there. Uranium mine. People very friendly. Lots of poverty. Fuck me tin shacks.

Vast country. 2. 4 million pop. Endless deserts. A harsh place to live

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That’s nuts.

Most of the businesses are run by either the Germans or the South African Boers despite the fact that Namibia gained independence after the war with South Africa. I was actually staying with the cousin of the SWAPO Lawyer Anton Lubowski who was assassinated in Windhoek in 1989.
Interestingly Namibia was supported by Cuba Russia and North Korea in the war.

Uganda is showing the way with that kind of thing, calling it theft if Africa is used as a mine of raw materials for the rest of the world to profit from. If the raw materials are there, the supporting refineries and factories etc should be there too.

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