Start this one first:
Yes - Roundabout

…then enjoy these vids of idiots jumping their cars over roundabouts. :laughing:

“Good Ol’ Boys” from Dukes of Hazzard seems to be the default choice for vids that have music but I think the Yes song is even better, the music is so busy and dramatic that there’s practically always something happening when a car does something.

Everything’s better with Yes.

When I was in the Navy, we’d make these little one hitter pipes out of hydraulic fittings. Pick up some killer weed or hash in Hong Kong and Singapore, lay in my rack, take a hit, hold my breathe til I was about to pop, breathe out in a towel and then spray some Right Guard around.

I had Tales From Topographic Oceans and Relayer on 8 track, lay back and put the headphones on. :grin:

Lol sweet. Reminds me of an ooold SNL sketch, where they had Belushi and Ackroyd doing a recruiting ad. One of the jokes was, we get the best uh, stuff from aaalll over the world. Since expunged from the canon I think, looked for it once couldn’t find it. Well hey a new world huh? Never thought I was gonna see widespread legalization in my lifetime.

The one time I failed a drug test was from a hair sample, and it had been a couple of weeks since I had smoked anything. Lost a job over that.

Now I place my order online, run down to the dispensary, pickup my order, come home and smoke my freakin brains out.