Running Costs of Web Site

Hey peoples,
I keep meaning to do this once a year.

At the beginning… after the schism 18 months or so ago, I appealed for financial help for the running costs of this website. It’s not much and I can easily wear it myself as it’s only about $150 NZD per year.

If you feel you want to contribute, here is my PayPal.
Please only give if you really want to and easily can. I will use $20 for 6 pack of beer and the rest will be for website costs.

Mucho regards

Will definitely pitch something in. This place is both a little nuts and necessary. Thanks again for making it happen.

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I was meaning to ask you about that Gazza, will send some your way also. Same time next year will be easy to remember.

Not sure where else you can discuss the shit we do here, not even Reaperville in the old days. The planet is censored…

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Not too many places anymore. They will disappear you on a whim. And in the scheme of things, that all changed fast across the internet. It has happened to me at the Reaper forum, long before the lounge was nixed. It has happened to me on other forums too. Not because I did anything against any forum rules either. Just because some things I said weren’t liked by mods. And I’m reminded again of it very recently seeing Robert Malone get disappeared from twatter, who is probably more qualified and on point than anyone in the entire discussion of covid issues on twatter. But the twats have the say, just the same as everywhere else that disappears people for nothing much.

I feel like smaller sites made up of real people is where it is at. Of course it would be nice to be able to connect up smaller sites to one another for more user involvement and wider discussions, but I’ll take this over the likes of twatter and facadebook and riddit any day.

Consider it done!

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I see S*d is lovingly knocking on the door. Maybe he wants to pitch in too. :smiley:

Oh well it’s a new year. Is it a new Syd?

Thank you sirs!

How do I know you won’t shoot through with the money and neither you nor this website will ever be heard from again?

Okay, I’ll take that chance cos that’s the kinda guy I am.

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Damn it Morgon!
Busted. :partying_face:

A little something from me too. Morgon should watch out, just saying.

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Or Gazza. Can’t keep track of you all. Anyways, I’d spend it all on hookers and blow. Like in the movies.

Hey thanks people’s, that’s almost the year paid for.
Now I can just leave it on auto pilot apart from the odd update of the forum software and odd maintenance.

Cheers everyone.
I just checked this morning and there’s enough gas in the tank for at least a year from your contributions.

If you so want to contribute but haven’t, maybe hold off till next year.

Once again thanks for supporting this humble but great little community

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