Shacked up

Just moved this week and no internet there yet. Might leave it off a bit until we get some of the many things done that need to be done without too much distraction, Hopefully all is good here. I see that Morgo is slugging it a bit. :wink:

The jam space at the new place is on the tight side, but I got the drums and amps and pa set up first thing. Hopefully I don’t drive my girl nuts. She thinks she knows, but she doesn’t know yet. :smiley: She never heard the non-master volume amps yet, or any of them other than a little Roland cube at low volume once in a while.


For free as well

Great to see you have room for the drums,
you had to play at your brother’s last I heard

Happy for you bro :sunglasses:
We talk about a lot of negative shit here
Good to see there’s some sunshine still going around

Happy days! :smiley: Getting a PA system, drums and amps in the pad too! Remember to pee around the corners of the space just a little bit to mark your turf, a ancient but effective technique that wards off roving yoga mats and running machines! ::smiley:

Well, in keeping with the good news, I’m auditioning for a band Saturday. They gave me their play list today, over thirty songs.

They’ve got everything written down with the way they play them, transposed keys and such, so that’s handy.

Should be interesting.

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Break a leg on Saturday! :+1:

When I learn a big bunch of new songs, I’ll practice them from the start on the first day but the next day from halfway through, and keep that pattern going. When I start from halfway I still ‘fast forward’ the first half mentally.

It’s a method that seems especially helpful when there’s changeups and varying arrangements/outro sections in the second half of songs.

For the studio, imo a good quality high back/recliner office chair and footstool help a lot. I don’t like to have to get up to take a snooze lol

Man, the ads on You Tube have gotten ridiculous!!

I’ve been using You Tube to work on some of these covers for that audition and in the past, I’d get the one quick ad that you could skip after about 5 seconds. But now there’s two ads in the beginning and then an ad will pop up in the middle during some of the longer tutorials.

Still beats the hell out of listening to the song over and over again trying to figure it out.

The ad blocker uBlock Origin is the droid you are looking for my friend. Available on mobile browsers too if you’re on your iPad, at least I have it for Firefox on LineageOS so must be on others, or just use Firefox.

Install free Clipgrab, put the youtube url into the text box, and download the video…no ads.

Thanks Bevo and Snook. I’m sure if I created a You Tube account, the ads wouldn’t be so bad. I just hope the content providers are getting a few sheckles from it.

On the whole though, it is a small price to pay when you consider what I’m getting.

Only if you pay for Youtube Premium, I believe
I download them via ClipGrab and play them in Pot Player
You can set loop start and end points via the [ and ] keys

Saves reaching for the mouse to hit ‘skip ads’ all the time

Picture of your studio or it never happened :joy:

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Complete chaos at the moment.


She’s gonna love it B Dub!

Interesting audition today, they ask me to join the band so I guess I did OK.

Interesting part was they wanted me to bring my acoustic for a few of the songs. First time I ever played “Sundown” while the lead guitar player channeled his inner Eddie Van Halen. :grinning:

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Found a solution to the ad problems on You Tube, Apple TV.

We’ve got an Apple TV box connected to the big screen in the living room and using the You Tube app, there’s no ads.

I just kick back in the recliner with my strat and noddle away.

Between the new’ish job and all that goes with working at a startup, moving aftermath, taking care of some home repairs, unraveling and squaring away messes that reared their heads after the move, and a baby on the way, I’m beat and just chilling for the night. Still no net here yet, so tethering from my phone. Hopefully setting up Lineage OS soon, if phone compatibility works out after the phone arrives. Wanted to get into monkeying with Gentoo soon, but that seems like it will be impossible for a while. Looks like a big time sink, but probably a fun and educational one too. I’m out of practice on guitar by now, but I managed to get the feelers fully working last night. Wayyy out of practice on drums, and I have lost a lot of progress there. I’ll have to think that one over. If nothing else, I’ll keep the kit around for a buddy so that he doesn’t have to haul his over to play. But hopefully after some things settle down, I’ll get back to playing the kit.

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I hope so, cause there is lots of it. :smiley:

Congrats on the impending new arrival!

You’re tired right now, good training for the near future though :smile: