Simple fixes to some common issues

If anyone hasn’t yet tried it, putting cold soda water [rather than plain water] with a teaspoonful of bicarb not only dispels the foul taste but turns it into a refreshing fine tasting tonic which will almost undoubtedly make you feel better.

To get finer increments in a cheap ‘shoelace’ type guitar capo [where the notch adjustments aren’t finely incremental enough, sometimes resulting in a dull sound from lack of pressure or an out of tune result from too much pressure] -simply put a twist or two in the lace! Viola! Another fifty bucks saved.

Yep, home on a Sunday working on the setlists.

We’re going to have to start calling you Macgyver!!

Not sure if you got that in Oz. US tv show about a guy who could make anything out of anything.

Yep, MacGyver series been shown here, some of the holes in the logic are quite comical though but it’s just a tv show. For example the episode where MacGyver infiltrates an island that has landmine fields but he doesn’t carry a weighted object to offset the trigger effect should he step on one and can’t step off. Or any other kind of anti mine defence tactic.

Funny is Marge’s sister in The Simpsons drawing back on a cigarette while saying “Mmm MacGyver”

I have a cure for Alcoholism and depression.

Do NOT precisely align a large battery next to a UPS so that a slight kick on the UPS will unplug whatever should never be without power that’s plugged into it.