Since Windows 8 and 10

I was talking to my nephew today about his new laptop and funny thing, I realized that I’m completely out of the loop on new hardware. All the model numbers sounded like gobbledygook, where I used to always be up on that stuff. Recently when looking at plugins while thinking about setting back up my recording desktop, I was out of the loop there too. And same on phones and apps. Out of the loop. After being disgusted with Windows 8 and then 10 releases, I quit giving a shit about all this stuff. Thanks Microsoft? I guess this is how people cross the line to getting old.

Yeah, but model numbers are unimportant. Whatever wacky naming conventions manufacturers have is their own business and for conversations with people who keep up with that stuff. At the point of purchase you can find out how they translate into relative PC Master Race superiority scores.

Same with plugins, the video you posted about YTers pumping new plugins in an infinite loop was good. Obviously all manufacturers want you to think that you really need some kind of new thing to complete your life, but would the average person truly notice anything different if they just used stuff from 2017 or whatever? Not talking power stuff like where a new game runs like crap on anything less than the best or with 3D rendering on huge graphics cards and multicore monsters, but the average person.