So who are Snooko and morgon_1?

Well, obvs you are Snooks and morgon. But still. Are you pod people now? Spider eggs in your brain hatch? Ex-wives on your asses? Just asking.

Don’t know what you are talking about Fredo


Никаких упоминаний о русских ботах?

Sorry, don’t read Russian or whatever that is.

So yah, why morgon_1? You should’ve stuck with Phat Buttz. :smiley:

There are free ‘o’ getting given out for the next, well… eternity. Everyone can transmogrify their name with the world’s sexiest vowel if they like. As Tyson would say, “Come get thome, Mike’th got all the candy!”. :smiley:

You put the u in buttz, quite often probably.

@Snookoda @morgo :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: That’s some goood lolz there.

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