Sound of Freedom

Great movie, though difficult to watch. It is about child sex trafficking, based on a true story. Great music by Javier Navarrete.

The bulk of the movie is true, maybe a little embellishment/artistic license according to Vice and other MSM

The whole thing kinda screams psyop to me unfortunately, when you look at the money and characters involved

It’s mormon money with a catholic lead,
same MO as Angel Studio’s other big hitter, The Chosen
Glenn Beck from The Blaze arranged the mormon money for Tom Ballard to allegedly quit his job

Tom Ballard is a mormon,
and an agent (allegedly an ex-agent, but are they ever?)

“I had spent 12 years as a Special Agent, undercover operator, for the Department of Homeland Security,” says Tim Ballard"

Carlos Slim is another involved in the financing

Tim Ballard admits John Paul DeJoria and Carlos Slim were large investors for his film, Sound of Freedom

JIm Cazaviel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s movie, is playing Tom Ballard,
and in his interviews on the movie, has been pushing the line that Trump is the ‘new Moses’

He claimed not to know what Qanon was when he was making the film,
but he’s been documented before pushing that line
(Trump fighting the pedo cabal, who want the children’s adrenochromes)


From Cazaviel’s own account:

President Trump is going to save Children the likes of which you have never seen!
You might even say he is the new Moses telling Pharaoh (World Cabal) to let the children Go Free!
Mr. President …. You are The “New” Moses!… but I’m still Jesus :wink: +++

Even articles not connected with the movie are pushing the ‘Trump is the new Moses’ line…

You can follow the money down the (deep) rabbit hole here (not endorsing all of it, but there’s some pertinent info),
Youtube automatically deletes this link, and Google fully suppresses it’s similar reddit link when I’ve tried to search for it

The guy who plays the main character is a crackpot who has said and done outlandish things (probably why he has been blacklisted in Hollywood) but it’s still a good movie, based on a true story.