Spooky shit!

I don’t know. That’s all I’ve got.


I mean, even you must see the comedic potential of this snooks!

It is the month of spooky shizzle after all, it’s no wonder your shit is spooky.

Yeah, but the weather and shit.

Science can’t explain that shit!

It’s tote’s freaky.

Not half as freaky or inexplicable as humans are sometimes.

It’s probably pretty hard to think about anything else with that government issued sausage stuffed in your cornhole.


Wouldn’t it be great if that’s all that government was doing??? :grinning:

Ontario College of Physicians recommends ‘medication’ and ‘psychotherapy’ to encourage covid vaccination.

Ontario College of Physicians recommends ‘medication’ and ‘psychotherapy’ to…


Comment from GLP poster:

"After merely 2 years of personal observation and experience…

A vaccine so proven safe and effective you have to be drugged and lectured by a shrink to take it…"

It seems that this ‘spooky’ thing is getting more popular, there’s an entire category for it now over on Odysee: