SRV documentary

Rise Of A Texas Bluesman | Stevie Ray Vaughan

If you are an SRV fan, very interesting stuff. I never knew anything much about his journey, how long it was, and how much trouble he had attaining any success in the music industry. Pretty nuts that one of the greatest blues players and showmen ever was was turned down left and right.

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Having a song or three that becomes at least a local radio hit probably makes a big difference.

I’ve watched that a couple of times.

It’s so sad that he passed away so soon after kicking the coke and booze, what might have been.

He was always respectful and paid homage to all the great blues masters that came before him.

His instrumental cover of Little Wing is one of the best guitar performances of all time.

Funny enough, even after getting some stuff on the radio he was still going against the grain of the industry of 80’s electronic music of the time.

Well, great guitar player, played lots of shows, had some songs on the radio. Probably achieving 2 of those 3 conditions ensures some elevated success.

‘Scuttlebutt’ was probably the main track which made him well known here, lots of blues rock bands covered it.