Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Back in theaters for a limited run (next couple of days), fully restored to 4K and with a remixed Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

Looks and sounds fantastic, and the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith is unforgettable.

This was the one with VGER right?

I seem to recall reading something about originally, instead of the Voyager satellite, it was going to be God, or something claiming to be God, but they were worried that might be too controversial.

Yes it is!

I had never seen the original movie, or if I did I could not remember. Quite a surprising ending.

The soundtrack is really the killer, ASMAC had a zoom event on Saturday where they went over the Jerry Goldsmith score in some detail for nearly 4 hours. It’s been published by Omni Publishing, warmly recommended.

I saw it a couple of times on TV, never in a theatre. It was OK, but not really worth paying any money for. Just my opinion.

Some of the graphics were pretty cool. That was back when they first started playing around with computer graphics in movies.

Too bad they couldn’t have come up with something better for Kirk’s hairpiece. That rug definitely went where no rug has gone before. :grinning:

Those were the 70s. To be honest, I thought everyone looked great in the movie. So young and beautiful. It’s super iconic franchise.