Tara Reade

What do you guys make of this story.

Hyperlink to same story but reported by Vox.

Well she did proposition The Dude


The price seems a little steep tho.

She held her own in those Sharknado movies, for sure.

Ha! that’s a different Tara Reade / Tara Reid. You’re not the only one to get them mixed up.

Just having a bit of fun, Peter.

Ha! you fooled me. Lots of folks did get the two of them mixed up, though. Which aside from the similar sounding name is weird, because physically they are not even closely resemblant.

“In 2017, Tara Reade repeatedly praised Joe Biden for his work against sexual assault. At one point, Reade wrote this: “My old boss speaks the truth.” She was liking comments that Biden had made saying he opposed the sexual assault of women.” - Tucker Carlson


I cannot believe that you monsters are invalidating her lived experience. Disbelieving a woman is extremely misogynistic and a sad expression of your patriarchal privilege. #BelieveAllWomen

Bro when i was a little girl they used to set my pigtails on fire… not believing all women is like rape inside my mind… its indelible in the hippocampus…

You figure cavemen had metoo moments? :smiley:

Things are getting weirder for Ms. Reade.

A long and detailed account by the NY Times of Ms. Reade’s history. She has issues, to put it mildly.

Ordinary and politically ‘misaligned’ men get shoved under the proverbial bus by these same journalists when they get accused by fantasists/schemers/vengeful exes/others. #BelieveAllWomen, misogynist shitlords!!