The Hamburg Syndrome

Predictive programming?

I don’t know about predictive programming, but it’s valid artistic commentary on a social phenomenon. It was at that time that universal vaccination programs were being put into place for measles etc. Whether it’s alleged social contagion or biological contagion, there are always people who want to move to increasingly extreme solutions.

If there’s one thing the last few years should have taught us is how easily people can be whipped up into a frothy 1930s Germany frenzy again. Not a thought spared on how largely unvaccinated countries fared no better or worse than highly vaccinated and locked down countries. Although we are paying a high price for that now.

Absolutely. As you know I’m here. I was shocked to see how the majority of Germans reacted my wife included. Seems the lessons of the Nazis propaganda machine passed them by.
They all fell into line like lambs to the slaughter. Easy meat.
The majority truly believe that their government would not lie to them. Sweet innocent and dumb.
Of course its a world wide phenomena. I thought though Germans would have seen through the lie.