The Lounge thread at the REAPER forum

Looks like a huge chunk of recent posts got deleted today?

I can’t remember what was there, nothing too confronting I thought

Very strange times…

Strange indeed. I’ve seen posts disappear and then mysteriously return…! Cockos is keeping a very tight lid on this. Hackers, hmm? Deep state?

I wonder if we’ll ever find out what prompted the closure of the lounge, I thought it was quite a bit milder than previously at the time it disappeared.

It was. But still a potential danger to whom? I can’t help thinking it was an outsider who was throwing his weight around, as they say. If Cockos finally had it, I reckon they would have said so, no silent treatment. What you call ghosting, right?

Basically all over the internet now. When you are an outlier, a contrarian, a cynic, on the main stream internet, you are always in danger of being silenced and deplatformed.

Welcome back Francois! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Bevoss, its good to be in contact again. Many thanks for you and Garrick who made this possible.

It was all our legend Garrick’s work, I only found out today. Now look how busy it is!

Good to see you here, Fran. Yes, Garrik is the Master of Ceremony over here. Bless him.

Outlier, contrarian, cynic, confirming. Things have changed alot on the internet. I wonder sometimes if it really is merely self-policing

Hi Bob here got banned for a month or two. Strange times indeed

Some of the new mods went full SJW which added to the existing ones that were full SJW. A disagreement to those types is actually an attack and claimed a form of violence as well, so yeah, there was a lot of blasphemy that was going on there so the heretics had to be purged

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Was there even a post from a mod or dev to quickly explain the deloungening?

That is almost more irksome than the act itself. Like your neighbours going missing last seen bundled into a van

I never saw an explanation… I just chalk it up to: Its a douche bag corporation like the rest of them.

Hey, maybe your neighbors didnt get v& maybe they just ordered some beef…

I personally always felt like I walked on eggs in the Lounge. I had people calling me a c#nt on a weekly basis just for debating the risks of open borders and fascist religions (Like the time when I stated I was glad the US removed the Taliban from Afghanistan). These people have no manners or class and the mods allowed that to continue unhindered, I know for a fact Ollie hated me. I dont believe in holy cows, and one of the reasons I sticked up for Trump, on some occasions, is for his kind words towards white Africans like me, saying he is noting what is going on here.

Is it possible that NOT everything is a right vs left wing thing?