The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’m sure by now everyone is tired of my recurring rant about how things don’t really change all that much.

Here’s some proof of that. This song came out around 69 or 70. You could release it today and not have to change a single lyric.

Yes, they would go well in a song written today. Not one that got played on the radio though, not these days!

Things stay the same because people don’t fundamentally change over the generations, we’re brought up with stories about mythical generations who went before us but history is always written by the victor and blowing smoke up the arses of everybody who sacrificed living for the banksters du jour is par for the course. There’s plenty of smoke been getting blown around for supporting their various projects over the last couple of years.

Sometimes I think that’s all it takes.

I think you’re right. We may be a little more sophisticated in the way we go about things, but in the end, we’re still the same easily spooked masses that we’ve always been.

So what’s a poor boy to do?

Well, for starters, we can stop hating on each other. Then we can start focusing on the only real power that us huddled masses have, and that’s in how we spend our money.

For example, AT&T owns CNN. If all the people who think CNN sucks were to switch to T Mobile or somebody else, I’m sure AT&T would clean up that mess in a hurry. Insert Fox, or any other network, and do the same, including boycotting their major advertisers.

The truth of the matter is that in a consumer based society, “We The Consumers” have greater power than “We The People”. Our dollars (or whatever currency you use) have more power than our votes.

The powers that be know that, that’s why they devote so much time and effort into keeping us divided and jerking us around from one “crisis” to the next.

Keep the people distracted with made up bullshit so they won’t focus on the real bullshit.

They’ve been doing that forever and they’re really good at it.

Yup, divide and rule.

Completely agree about the power of the consumer. The media company example is great, if pushing out propaganda cost them actual money then they wouldn’t do it.

Corporate support for Ukrainian sanctions and the Green Deal trajectory would end if half of their customers cancelled their subscriptions and stopped buying products from the signallers. It makes financial sense to do this right now in the UK with the 70% jump in energy bills coming, as predicted, in April. Mass cancellation would balance things out and get the companies frantically lobbying their way out of this mess.

BlackRock/State Street etc as a cabal might have effective control over pretty much everything but the bottom line ultimately has power over them.

How to get past the successful division campaigns though?

Good question. Wish I had a good answer.

Getting enough people together to agree on anything has always been difficult. Most people out there are too busy just getting by day to day that they don’t have time for much else.

I keep reminding myself though that, as always, things are not as bad as they seem.

The wing nuts are always going to get the press because that’s what sells. But that’s not where the majority of people are at.

What we’re going through now is just another global turf war as those with the most at stake jockey for position to retain, and increase, their sources of power and control in a changing world.

We the people usually end up taking in the ass when stuff like that happens, but we always seem to muddle through somehow. The question becomes if we learn anything in the process.

I like the positive view, it has to be said though that sometimes things are a lot worse than they seem too. For example people were calling WWII a “phony war” right up until in wasn’t. Also a collective “we” certainly muddled through that and other bankster manufactured crises, but squillions didn’t make it and many more ended up destitute or worse.

I’d like to avoid the next ones if possible, even though the human race will survive.

People talk about an alien attack being something that could unify people, and no doubt it would, but I think awareness of a shady elite manipulating us all into war after war could do the same. It’s the same thing really but with less lasers.

No doubt there would be collaborators :clown_face:

You would think that Covid would have been something that brought us together, but it didn’t.

And like Bevo said, there would be collaborators. People identifying as alien in hopes of saving their own asses.

I think there’s a difference between a genuine genocidal situation and something that relies on exaggeration and propaganda that stunk from the very beginning. If anything, covid was guaranteed to divide along standard trust in government lines to start with and then all of the other divisions that man made furlough and vaccine rules created.