the old reaper forum

I continue to look for useful stuff on the old Reaper forum.
What I find is anal self-doubt and the eternal search for some perfect setting.

What is the usefulness of that forum?

To assimilate would-be diy recordists to daw consumer culture and sell plugins? Very little there is about technicals of recording, creativity in music, and creative recording.

Tukan’s js plugins
and a few others
and maybe a solution to some problem you found in Reaper

I will keep looking. Especially for new music

I actually learned a lot about recording on the forum. Granted I’m just a hobbyist, but my recordings now sound a lot better than they did when I first started.

I also liked the fact that I could connect with other people around the planet. Made some pretty good music with BarryMK, learned a lot about how others on this planet live and what they think. That type of stuff was pretty cool.

I did too.
Now I can’t read much of it.