The Rabies Virus Doesn't Exist!

Well, according to (ex) doctor Samantha Bailey from New Zealand anyway.

It’s a shame that he didn’t focus on Dr Stefan Lanka’s work, he’s the leader of the “terrain ‘theory’” movement. Going after foot soldiers won’t do anything to convince most adherents.

I tried to watch the one listed above but that liberal simp gave me rabies

Here’s the actual video:

Another one from the doc about the Strep A “Superbug”, which apparently we also have here in Oz now

If you found that previous guy debunking the kiwi doc a bit hard to watch,

check out one of our own from Oz debunking Dr Campbell

{she’s followed on twatter by old mate Chip McDonald from reaperville, who hung around here briefly until JHughes called him a communist…)

If you find her whiny liberal voice a little hard to take,
she’s doing some kind of new SJW sign language with her hands, so you’re prob good to mute it