The Reaper Lounge Gardening Thread

I have taken up gardening after years of telling people I would like to get into gardening.
The only problem is my backyard has a lot of shade so if anything needs a lot of sun, it needs to be in pots

This track was full of ivy. My plan is to find herbs that can grow in the shade.

That’s my next project once I get the lawn going.

We’ve got a couple of places in back that are already set up for gardening, just needs a little attention.

I’m hoping one of the things I can grow is Kahuku corn. It’s a local variety of sweet corn. The ears aren’t real big but it’s mighty tasty.

Corn sounds great. I doubt I have the climate
I’m growing tomatoes, chillis, cucumber, rosemary, thyme and parsley
Next spring I want to grow tobbaco

Cucumbers will climb and fill up that wall nicely.

My dad grew heaps of corn in Blenheim, slightly colder than your city but heaps of sunlight
maybe even Christchurch, I can’t remember
In a huge vege garden though, not pots

Yeah I see corn all sorts of places in NZ, that’s true.

Lettuce does good in shady areas.

Carrots too, it just takes a little longer to grow.

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