The streets of Philadelphia

Back in the early 2000’s I would occasionally have to make service calls to hospitals in the Philly area. It was a shit hole back then, but this is really sad.

It looks like that video has been censored for some reason, is there an alternative source?

Here you go. Not sure whether it’s the same video but this is Phillie August 2023. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. I heard the latest trend is “tranq”, fentanyl mixed with horse tranquilizer.

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A tragedy of epic proportions.

Makes me want to round up all the trash with a big bulldozer for proper disposal.

Worryingly there seems to be signs of this happening in my hometown of Denny in Scotland. Already been some Fentanyl deaths there and reports of “disorientated people”. Denny has more than its fair share of Junkies.
Once it gets a grip it grows like a fungus.

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