Things to do in LA

Hey fellas I’m in Los Angeles for a week. First time in the states. Do you have any tips? I’m staying with friends in Inglewood

I’ve never been so no help at all, but I hope you have a good time all the same! :sunglasses:

Eat a burrito
Have a beer at the beech
Catch a band or three at local venues
Visit skid row
Visit Norman’s Rare Guitars
Drive and drive and drive, and just take in the endless variety of sameness
If you’re in Canoga Park, find a guy named Flintstone and tell him that a guy named Travis who crashed at his pad for a week 30 years ago says hello (only time I have been to L.A.)

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Thanks guys

I’ve managed to find my feet.
The place is haaauge!!!

I think LA could learn from Melbourne on how to run public transport. Next time I’m here I’m organising a car

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I have a few friends in LA, and according to them, It’s hard to have friends more than a few blocks away.

Yea, that was my biggest impression. Just miles and miles and miles of L.A.

Yeah it would be a commitment. 1 hour 30 to get to Hollywood which is a couple of suberbs

Myself I’d probably check out Malibu & Muscle Beach Venice, being almost summer there

The Baked Potato gig
(Stu Hamm is playing Sat nite for $25

Hollyweird & Beverly Hills

Griffith Park has the LA Zoo and Observatory

There’s mountains and desert close too, but you’re car-less right?
I’d say avoid peak hour traffic there

You can do the touristy things like Hollywood walk of fame, while you are there see the Grauman Chinese theater.

Also on Hollywood boulevard is the Pantages theatre which used to be beautiful art deco movie theater with live organ performance on a giant Wurlitzer which rose from the stage (!), on Saturday morning, before the movie. A true crowd singalong pleaser.

There then is Venice Beach, Muscle Beach. Some of these have become pretty sketchy in more recent years, be careful not to step in needles etc.

Rodeo Drive with all the fancy stores (many of which are closed now).

Unless your friends have a car you might want to consider renting one. LA is not public transportation friendly, California is all about car traffic. Traffic is a hot mess by the way, avoid 405.

Also avoid South LA and Skid Row. Might be interesting to see how the homeless addicts live as a European but better to stay away.

Thanks Bevo and Peter.
I did see skid row Venice beach, Hollywood. They were great. They were great I am happy I don’t live in either of them.

I stayed in Inglewood with artist friends. It was a hoot.
My Fav things were. Grand central Markets and the ‘Last book shop’ but my fav fav fav thing was going to the Jurassic tech Museum. That was farken amazing. Highly recommended.

Also this Mexican restaurant in Inglewood where I got shitfaced on margaritas

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Sounds and looks like good times!